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No Jumpseating on JetBlue Jan 30 - Feb 1

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Well-known member
Mar 19, 2002
During reservation system changeover no Jumpseating on JBLU JAN 30- Feb 1.

No JetBlue standbys (Jan 30 - Feb 1)-- (JBLU Commuters with be given free positive space travel).

OAL pass-riders not allowed from JAN 28 - FEB 20

Consider it a favor as I'll be staying far away during that weekend!
exellent!!! I guess they (JB) will loose CASS for that time also!!!
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Flt Ops is verifying exactly what is going to be going on with the issue of jumpseating. CASS will still be available from what I understand and should not be affected by the change over. The actual jumpseats should, repeat, should still be available. They will know something fairly soon so let's not get hammered yet. The issue is not being able to list as a non-rev in the system while they do the change over.
No, it appears to be true from the company email.

We're switching over to Sabre, and the OAL limitation is an attempt to unstress the system during the cutover.

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