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No jumpseaters in EMB120

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Active member
Dec 16, 2001
This just in-

Jumpseaters are no longer allowed in the cockpit jumpseat of the Brasilia, per FAA directive, as the door cannot be shut while the observer seat is occupied. This includes FAA, secret service, etc. no exceptions.
Interesting. How does the FAA propose to conduct line checks, observation rides, etc. I wonder? Or maybe they have no clue either?
So does this ground every airliner that does not have a cockpit door? I don't think so. I'll wait till Paul Harvey tells me the "rest of the story".
No more jumpseats at SkyWest on the EMB. We just got the memo today.

As for line checks, the door remains closed and the check airman/fed rides in row one with a headset plugged in. So it's not all bad.
Never been on a Brasilia and I'm just curious but were offline jumpseaters actually allowed to ride in the cockpit jumpseat before this? I was under the impression that most airlines were only allowing their own pilots to ride in the cockpit due to "safety" considerations, offliners had to ride in back.

On the plus side, it is nice not having a check airman or fed literally looking over your shoulder during an enroute/line check.

No way. SkyWest, ACA, ComAir, ASA, and Great Lakes all used to allow off line jumpseaters to ride in the cockpit it the back was full
Just curious.... does this mean that a "jumpseater" can no longer sit in the back if a seat is available? Or does this only apply to actually sitting in the jumpseat?

Not that it really matters for my commute as the EMB-120 is usually weight restricted and you can't get on non-rev'ing, forget about jumpseating.
Skypine27, please clarify your statement, "no more jumpseats on the EMB." Does that mean no offline pilots can ride in the cabin if there is an empty seat, or does that mean no one in the cockpit seat (such as Feds, other Skywest pilots). Since September 11, offline pilots have already been excluded from the cockpit on all airlines. So if I interpret your statement correctly, then this should just affect Feds and Skywest (and codeshare) pilots when the cabin is full. I just want to know if offline pilots are prohibited from riding in the cabin.

You guys have always treated me well when I have ridden on you, and you're still always welcome on us.

That's not entirely true about offline jumpseats being restricted from the actual jumpseat since Sept 11th. For the past several months, SkyWest's jumpseat policy has been the same as pre-sept 11th. We HAVE been taking off line jumpseaters and letting them sit in the actual cockpit jumpseat, if the cabin was full.

Now however, because we need to close the cockpit door at all times (which we cant do with a jumpseater in the EMB) NO ONE at all is allowed to sit in the actual jumpseat. However, if there are seats open in the cabin, we still take unlimited 'jumpseats'.

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