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NJA medical and Smoking

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kman said:
Anybody know if they give you the boot if your a smoker?

No, we have a a few smokers at NJA, including at least two chief pilots that I'm aware of. If you can pass the interview, and have a First Class medical, you're in.
i'm on to chewing tobacco. Next is cigars. I'm stepping down slowly but surely.
Gotta love that chew smell after it sits in the can, heated by the sun on the ramp in PBI for a few hours.

If you smoke at NJA... two words. Al toids.
Nothing personal, but how anyone could smoke while choosing flying as a profession is a testament to how addictive those things really must be. It's hard enough over the years to keep a first class medical without charring your lungs.

But on the other hand, I can't stand people that go to a bar and then whine about the smoking. That's just like my other favorite people, the ones that move next door to the airport and then call to complain about the noise.
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If you can pass a FAA Class 1 medical than you have nothing to fear from the Company Physical unless you've withheld something from the FAA or have something you didn't know about that is discovered. The only way you would lose your job at NetJets is if they found something that prevents you from holding a FAA Medical. You can even be diabetic (non-insulin dependent) as long as the FAA knows about it. If something like that was discovered during the physical you'd have to take some time off to go on meds and do the waiting period the FAA requires. Then you would come back and restart training. I heard a rumor a few pilots who had supicious liver values indicating heavy drinking were sent home for a month then retested.


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