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Nj Me

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Everett Howe

Ride the Jet-A-Ski!
Mar 26, 2005
I'm looking for some Info on NJ ME. I would greatly appreciate some updated Info on:

- Is an Interview in Columbus going to get you in at NJ ME or are they totally separate? They don't list any contact info for NJ ME on their Careers website.
- How many airframes are NJ ME flying right now?
- Any hiring going on?
- Where's the flying going? Someone told me mainly to/in Asia?
- Still the 32on/32off Schedule?
- How's the pay compared to NJ USA?

Thanks a bunch,

National Air Service (NAS) is only loosely affiliated with Netjets. They run their own aircraft and organization. Things were slow getting started and some NJI employees headed for the desert to help them get things up and running.

Nevertheless, if you were to go to work for NAS, you would have no seniority status with NJA, NJI or EJM.

As to your other questions, I don't have accurate answers.

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