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Next ASA class?????

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They pulled the September bids and have re-done the preliminaries. My understanding from Brian Morris is that we are only getting 7 jets the rest of the year instead of 11.
Doesn't sound like good news...
What happened to the Sept and October classes and maybe one added at the end of August.
Just got the letter of hire...just waiting on the class.
Like most airlines, ASA averages around 5.5 crews per aircraft. That includes management and training pilots, the number of which grow with additional aircraft as well.

We were not told the reason for the aircraft delays. Apparently ASA was trying to get additional options filled for the 700's. Two rumors are going around 1) Could not get the financing lined up 2) continued production delays at Bombardier.

Brian Morris mentioned nothing about scope - good news given everything ALPA is doing to try to put a lid on ASA's expansion.
ASA classes??????

Thanks for the responses. How many people are in the pool currently and how do they select people for upcoming classes. Is it first come first serve or what???????
My understanding is that Bombardier is having serious production problems right now. The -700 is filled with gremlins that they have yet to work out. We are constantly having problems with them and they seem to sit over at the TOC more than they fly. Also, I was speaking to a line Captain who had just flown our newest -200. Apparently it has a lot of little gremlins and shoddy workmanship as well.

So, my guess is that they are still hurting from the strike, and trying to get a handle on production. I believe I heard the same from some Comair guys as well.

Just for reference, we have gotten -700 ships 701, 702, 703, and 705. 704 is rumored to have been rejected by our company as it was a strike A/C and poorly built. Been told that SkyWest has also had the same problem.

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