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Newhire classes - SWA

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5 Star Senior Member
Nov 26, 2001
Just heard - two new hire classes in January. The first one on January 3 with 20 pilots and the second on January 17 with 20 more. Hang in there guys!!!
Just heard the same words from Jennifer McCallion. The rumor has been 1 class in Jan and 2 more in March so this is even better! Anyone heard any updated rumors of more classes in Feb-Mar?
When did you interview? When did board meet for you? when did you get notified that you were in the pool?
From a fellow poolee

I just finished IOE.

I was in class 20 with 21 classes held for the year of 2001. I just got in, basically.

Interviewed 5/01, hired 6/01, typed 7/01, class September 27 (cancelled) then rescheduled 10/4. Finished with IOE 11/20.

I just heard this from a fellow SWA FO that saw it at his base or heard it there. I figured I would pass it along.

I have heard 650 pilots to be hired next year.

Its awesome, good luck to all!
I interviewed way back in March, job offer pending the type in May, Finished my type on 22 Oct and was called the next day to say I was complete and in the pool. The May to Oct delay was for short trip up the road to AAL. Fortunately they furloughed me before my 6 months ran out allowing me to go to SWA where I should have gone in the first place! 650 next year would be awesome! That would mean 2 classes a month all year at least. I'm guessing 150-175 above me in the pool but who knows. Jennifer said that if she was given info about future classes that they would call us to give us poolies an approximate start date. Right now the only firm dates she has been told about are the Jan classes though. Hope to see you there!

I entered the pool on 11/8/01. I heard a rumor from a few different people that SWA was only planning to hire to match attrition for next year. Are you hearing plans of expansion and aircraft aquisition? I was thinking it might take 6 months to a year to get a class date being so far towards the bottom of the pool. I know everyone's guessing, but do you think that's a realistic guess from what you're hearing?

Thanks in advance for the intel...

i believe that the current load factors and yields will be sufficient enough for SWA to take the aircraft that were supposed to be delivered, also they were very short staffed prior to 9/11, per chief pilot by as much as 175 range. My 2 cents
Just talked to Jennifer. Two classes in Jan. (3 & 17) confirmed.

Flight Ops will let People Dept. know, on an as needed basis, for future pilot classes.

She was very upbeat. Very exciting news. :D

She would not say how many pilots are on the waiting for class list.
I'd like to hear from anyone who has been called for a January class as to when you got your type, or if you already had it, when you got called. I finished my type on 9/11 (no kidding), and am curious as to where I fall in the heap.
See you all in class!
SWA/Fo & Magic

Hey guys,

Sure happy to hear your exciting news. Congratulations on landing the big job. I hope the future is bright for you guys and lets hope that things start turning around for more guys trying to make it to the majors..

Also spoke with Jennifer and probably wont see Jan class. Typed in August and hoping for more classes.:confused:
Typed Sept 14th. Sounds like a little more of a wait but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and I think I hear the whistle!
Just heard from Jennifer, just found out that they now are having classes till April , two per month, except one in February. She was not able to tell me if I would be in one of those due to the fact that she had just found this out. Great news!!! I also believe that since these classes are being held you will see SWA take delivery of their a/c in the not to distant future.

Everyone in class 20 and 21 was typed around the end of June - first week in July.

SWA has taken delivery (or will shortly) of 12 a/c which will not be put into service, yet. They are parked somewhere. Plans are to bring them online in April when the schedule changes.

They will be swaping a couple new 700s for some old 200s

I have heard we were 200 pilots short before any callups (with the war) New a/c = more pilots also.
If all of you that were in the originally scheduled class of sept27 and were all ready to go the first week of july, then it would be a good estimate that there was a two month wait period(ie 100+-pool guys). What do you think of my formula?