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new hire commuting?

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Well-known member
Jan 20, 2005
I know I am still a ways from having to worry about this but I was just curious. If you get a base that the cost of living is just ridiculous (northeast) and are forced to commute, what do you do during holiday seasons when every flight out there is booked to the max? Especially when you are a new hire there is a 90% of you being bumped because someone with more seniority comes along. Any experiences from new hires having to deal with this would be greatly appreciated.


You will not be able to commute on reserve, b/c many reserve shifts start at 5 am or 6 am and you usually do not get more then two days off, so you only real spend about 36 hours at home. So you need to be there the night before. Plus, you will not be going home for the holidays for the next 10 years, so to your question, move or get a crash pad. And welcome to the airline world. It costs more to work then you make.
Pick the path of least resistance, go for the 1st flight of the day. Jetblue and FlyI both fly airbuses, they have 2 flight deck jumpseats and 2 FA jumpseats you can sit in. Allegiant and Spirit also allow pilots to sit in the FA jumpseat. Also cross your fingers.
Work for xjt where your reserve starts at 1130 and your on 4 off 3 and you also get released at 6 on your last day. When i was on reserve i was at home 4 nights a week and at the crashpad 3 nights. I always got released at 3 to catch the 330 flight home. Great schedule for commuters.
Blackbox - why the anger at NWA? Not trying to start anything, just curious. I would guess a NWA regional guy might be pissed but flying a 172 and a falcon......I just don't get it.

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