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New hire at WN/AT

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Well-known member
Sep 28, 2007
As a "poolie" at SW I am really re thinking going to SW now. Bottom of an 8K pilot group, feeling like SW will ditch the 717 eventually,( possible future furlough) no movement for years, 15 year upgrade at best, doesn't sound promising. All to sit RSV on a 737 in OAK/PHX and commute across the country home. ( ********************ty QOL )But the pay and benefits are worth it and SW has never furlough anyway.( every airline furloughs eventually ) Any thoughts ?
SWA just got as many warts as any other legacy. Pick your poison but do not think SWA is any better because it is not by a long shot.
And what is your alternative? Start at the bottom of a list of even more guys? Who will probably furlough for sure at some point in the future. At least SWA never has, and I for one think that they never will. They've been through the ringer lots of times before, and haven't furloughed yet. And, what, 37 straight years of profitability?
Id rather start at the bottom of a list that will have significant movement. Not knocking SW but as new hire there may be better options. Half of AA's and US (east) pilots will be gone in 10 years, can you say the same about SW? Its about movement and SW has ZERO. Just saying.
You are correct. There has been NO movement in 2 years at SWA. I don't know the answer but will say you are just taking a snapshot of NOW. What about tomorrow? Will they be growing? I dont think they purchased AAI so that they would just stand still. Just my thoughts.

Good point. I think that, with the wages that SWA FO's make, and the awesome work environment, you would have a great career there anyway. I know a guy that doesn't plan to ever upgrade there since they dropped the mandatory upgrade. Good trips, great days off, great money - sounds good to me. Unless you just have to have the upgrade.
The average age at each major would be a great stat to have. Great money and benefits aren't worth a turd if you can enjoy them. I have no idea where to send my app these days.
As a "poolie" at SW I am really re thinking going to SW now.

Ask the guys who passed on a class at SWA when we were running classes pretty regular. They are all pretty much kicking themselves. If you are so concerned about another carrier retiring large numbers in the future, where do you plan on working between now and then?

I say that there is no heavier burden than a missed opportunity, especially if you are in the first class that runs in Jan and have 200 to follow.


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