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Do you like the new forums

  • I hate them(Neal the admin needs to get a real job)

    Votes: 10 11.1%
  • they are Just ok

    Votes: 16 17.8%
  • they are great

    Votes: 31 34.4%
  • beautifully designed - excellent

    Votes: 33 36.7%

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Forums Chief Pilot
Staff member
Oct 31, 1996
Type aircraft owned
Carbon Cub FX-3
Base airport
Do you like them?
Same as...

Easy to use format...

identical to calforums.com (an excellent board btw)


Definitely more organized. But I miss being able to look at one page and see "the whole picture".

In time it will become more comfortable of course.
New boards

Much better software than the old board. I've noticed it loads up much faster than the old board. It loads fast on a 56K dialup and on DSL it screams.

I agree with "ATA75Pilot" about seeing the whole picture, though, but as he/she said, it'll take a bit of time to get onto it.
New boards

I'd just add that I liked the user profile customization on the old board and would like to see it added to the new board if possible.
Well Webmaster,

I was one of the first to give negative comments on your previous update to your (now) old and obsolete forum.

And I grew to LOVE it and the information if gave me.

So i am open minded for this one, and it is a good concept, so go with the flow and get used to it. it is loading very fast! even on the road i can log in now and check it.

Thanks for the good work you put into maintaining this forum!

I liked being able to see the whole picture. However, I do like this new format and as for the whole picture, I'll just look at the new posts then dig back if I want more info. Thanks for putting in so much work.
like any new equipment...gotta get used to the systems....I'm sure this will be fine. Just glad/hope the board continues :)
Although I am sure I'll get used to this, I prefer the simplicity of the old format. Call me traditional, or just computer illiterate, there is too much "stuff" to navigate through. I am counselor, I can't multi task the way pilots do.
Easier to see all posts in a thread which I like:)
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Perhaps I havent noticed it yet but after reading all the posts on a thread how do I tell if more have been added? Other wise good job mark loads alot faster!
Speed vs. Organizaton

Webmaster --

I like the speed. Hope it can stay this fast once it starts filling up.

Organization could be improved with some new categories. There is lots of junk in the interview section that has nothing to do with interviews because of the way the sections are categorized by airline size/type. Everybody wants to comment on news in the industry in those categories. It seemed easier to keep the stuff separated in the old format. Might want to rethink the categories to focus the discussions. For example, maybe a Crashpad category, or at least list it under the Buying & Selling. There are crashpad ads scattered everywhere now. Anyway, those are my suggestions. Take them for what they are worth.

Thanks for all your hard work. There is no board out there that provides better insight for the aspiring airline pilot. I, for one, appreciate what you have to do to keep it all running. Thanks again. -- dgs
As a computer challenged individual I will eventually figure how it all comes together. All and all, you have done a great job. We appreciate what you are doing for us all.

Haven't checked in here in a week or so, but the new look sure is refreshing. Really like the layout and ease of use. Thanks for all of the hard work in keeping this going.