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New Dorks for PSA?

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Dork No More!
Nov 26, 2001
Okay, I've heard from several sources quoting Mandas and Phenning that PSA is receiving 10 of Horizon's Dorks that have been sitting in TX for a couple of years.

The most recent report I heard was one plane per month starting in January. Company plans to have three in C checks at all times.

Anybody have anything else to add to this rumor? New planes would mean upgrades and new hires, so it's obviously good news if it's true.

Man, I hope its true, but I will beleive it when I see it.

If they are bringing in more Dorks then management better get in gear and recal us pilots, along with re-training us and hiring some more peeps. Otherwise its gonna be really hard to staff 35 aircraft with only around 230 pilots. (although I bet they will try :) ). hehe

Anyways, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is all true so I can get off my butt and start working again. Oh.... wait a sec... flying doesn't count as working anyway! :)

Good luck to all!
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First airplane is to be deleivered in January. The deal was only recently sealed after PSA and Dornier had to reach an agreement on the APU. All the new airplanes will have APU's at a mill a pop. Paid for by Dornier. It was cheaper then upgrading the GPU service at outstations.
Also, with inhouse C checks, a better situation.

Apparently scheduling is already working on the schedules for January.
Somebody in PIT said that we are supposed to pick up 25 new cities, mainly southern stuff.
Only North city I know of right now is Toronto.

So lets do some math. 10 airplanes with an option for 12. 5.3 crews per airplane, equals what 103 more people? I suck at math.

Things are going to be interesting for awhile.
I also heard that 328LS is the first to come back. Anybody rememebr Satan with wings? LOL
If this is true, one would think the company would be recalling pilots, putting us in the sim since we're all non-current, and some of us did not get 100 hours in 120 days before furlough.

Will probably get the call on like Dec 23, telling me to report to the sim on Dec 25, with IOE scheduled to start 1 Jan 02.

But you know what...that's OK if I get back to the cockpit ASAP.

Furloughees everywhere...keep the faith...and never turn down a good flying job!
As for new cities, I heard someone saw one of our birds in Orlando for an operational test. I've also heard we may be getting a new crew base. Florida operations would be cool!
The Dornier Tech Rep in PIT lead you wrong. None of our (AirWis) 328's are gone... Yet. Yo-Nited wants 13 gone soon with 10 left in DEN. If someone wants to take over the leases on the remaining ten, those too may be gone within a year or so. The first ship to go sometime in December is #304, N331MX.

Go where? Beats me.


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