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New CRJ USAirways Paint jobs

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Uber User
Dec 9, 2001
here they are

I like it. And it won't make the old paint job look terribly outdated.
So, so, so, smart!!

No more dark blue fuselage paint to heat those a/c up while they are at the gate with no APU on to save ga$ I will be thankful on my next summertime commute!
could you find a bigger picture. it took like 2 minutes on my highspeed.
I feel a little tingle of SJS after seeing the new scheme........ very nice. Now, where is Sally when I need her?
PSA should fly under the classic PSA paint scheme that Airways is putting on one Bus. Orange and black smiley face RJs for everybody!

(yes, I know those were ZW planes in the picture)
Looks like GLH to me. Worst paintjob you will ever get is at that place. Indy used them and had so many problems. NWA used them and stopped due to quality issues, CAL used them, same problem. The paint will wash off with the first rainstorm.

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