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Netjets wastes money???

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Active member
Mar 11, 2005
I think it would be interesting to hear stories of Netjets (or any company) wasting tons of money. To start the thread, let me tell you about a new policy here at CMH. Because the QC department doesn't want to mess with tracking the times and cycles of wheel assemblies, we have been instructed to perform "the highest level of inspection" on each wheel, at EVERY tire change! That basically means that every time the tire is worn or cut to cord, we overhaul the wheel (or actually, send the wheel out to be overhauled). That's what I call cost effective!
Looks like the wheel overhauler just bought a share....
Here's one of the biggest wastes of money here at NutJets......the salaries they pay our upper Management....that's the biggest waste I've ever seen...

Cut their salaries, do away with their perks and distibute the monies to the people who work in the trenches in the Casino.......We pilots will get ours from deeper pockets.
He's pointing out that many times when we have a new stock item added to the planes, it's because the manufacturer of said product has become an owner. They buy a share and we swap water providers, etc.
And it also proves the point that you CAN fit a square peg into a round hole. It just takes a whole lot of money.....talk about stupid ideas!!!!!!!!! I wonder how much those cup holders cost????
I was told the Berkshire Hathaway report for this quarter stated NetJets would lose approximately 70 million dollars due to sell offs. Had their been less sell offs NetJets would have made over 200 million dollars.
All that money spent on making a square peg fit into a round hole...and now the smaller bottles....

Too many fry cooks in the kitchen.
You guys, I laughed so hard when I found out how they wanted to engineer a way to fit the water in a round hole. I said it's called a "cup or glass." Pour water from square bottle into round glass or cup. Problem solved. Instead the company designs a square plastic holder to fit into a round hole. I swear these people are the worst managers ever.
On your last day NutJets will airline you home and have it take 3 legs to do so if they can save 10 dollars on the fare. They will go to these great lengths to save a few dollars knowing that 3 legs in the end cost more due to the overtime they have to pay.

I explained this to them when it happened to me and they said "yes, we understand, but the ticket is cheaper"!

This is the mentality you can expect if you work here or are associated with NJA is any manner.

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