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NetJets + Upgrade time

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Winter is Coming!!!
Aug 13, 2005
What is the average upgrade time to captain or captains pay if someone with lesser seniority upgrades first? I heard approximately 80 percent of NJA pilots make captains pay...

Mach92 said:
A new hire was just awarded Capt on the BE-400. The bid closed 3 days ago.

Are captain slots going faster on certain fleets? Crazy that a newhire could be awarded that slot despite all of the negativity around long upgrade times on this forum.... Are more senior FOs just not willing to bid the 400XP PIC slot?
Right now, the majority of pilots at Netjets are either Captains or on bypass pay. We've got roughly 2200 pilots. Upgrades on anything other than the Ultra and 400XP have been going mostly under seniority number 1000. A recent XL bid went as low as 1400. (Guys that are in the 1300-1400 range have been here about 4 years)

Once the contract is finished, look for those times to jump up considerably. Pilots currently drawing bypass pay will be required to upgrade to continue to draw the increased pay. With 40% of the current pilots drawing bypass pay, that's a big chunk of guys to be sitting behind waiting for an upgrade.
Right now there is absolutely no motivation for FO's on bypass to bid upgrade and I don't know why anyone would. Pay is the same, schedule is better and now the company has started renewing seat locks for FO's upgrading in the same equipment. If they want people to upgrade they should stop adding reasons not to upgrade, oh yeah...forgot who we are dealing with!
I just read on airlinepilotpay.com the most junior capt was hired in Feb 2005.

It there any true to that?
I am not a frac pilot so please forgive me for my question. How can a new hire be hired into the Capt. position of a BE-400 when there are others that are more senior that are still FO?

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