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NetJets Recap


Not stop loss again !!
May 9, 2002
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After hashing thru a few (a lot) of the posts regards NetJets, here is a general recap and/or questions that I can’t reconcile in my cranium (hey, I’m a Herc driver – I’m slow by definition!)

1. “Backlog of 900 file with letters of recommendations” – I’ve already received “the letter” in March saying standby for an interview as soon as practical…if we don’t get to you in 6 months we’ll send you an update form…
Question: I didn’t send in any letters of rec with my app. Now that I have “the letter”, do I need to (or just bring them to the interview?) Might it speed up my place in line? They are all from outside the company.

2. “Interviews backlogged thru 02”
Question: With my March letter in hand is it possible I’m progged for 02? How far out have interviews been scheduled to date? (ie is there really someone out there with a “hard” December interview date in hand?)

3. “Training is backed up”
Question: Anyone with any insight on this? Whats the backlog ? How many, how fast are going thru the pipeline?

4. “Need several hundred more pilots in 02”
Question: True? If so, see #3 above.

5. What percentage of guys going to an interview are offered a job? Anyone prejudices/preferences for
guys with military only background? Turbo-prop only?

6. Gateways vs domiciles? I reckon a domicile is basically your home of record as far as the company is concerned. But a gateway is just another place you can call home? Is it true you can change your gateway with 30 days notice? Can you go anywhere or does there have to be an “opening?”

7. Whats the latest gouge on the timeline? I mailed my app in Jan, got the letter in March. Reckon it will be at least 6 months until I hear something again? After an interview, how long is it taking to get a class date – and will this period expand (#3 above, once again)

8. Final question : should I even CARE given that I’m a stop-lossed spec ops pilot ??!! Not only is there no light at the end of the tunnel, I’m not sure how long the tunnel is or even if I’m going the right way!!
Every extra month is an extra 1/12 of 2.5% base pay going towards the pension, so at least I got THAT going for me….

Thanks for any and all inputs – keep the pointy end up !


Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
O.K. SOFHercDude, I'll do my best to answer your questions.

1. If you are in the waiting for interview pile, a LOR probably will not get you an interview any quicker. If you can get them though, send them in with your update and bring them with you to your interview.

2. There is nothing that is "hard" until you are called for a specific date to interview. You have probably read on this board already that our Pilot Recruitment Office has been swamped since 9/11, that is an understatement. What those few gals in that office are doing is like digging a hole to China with a teaspoon. So be ready for anything.

3. There are a finite number of training resources, and the problem only grows exponentially as our pilot numbers increase. Not only are there more newhires that need training, we also have more upgrade and recurrent training to do.

4. NJA is taking delivery of about one aircraft every six days. In my program, the Excel, I believe we are slotted for about another 17 aircraft this year. We need more pilots just to cover growth. With that said, attrition is not what it used to be for obvious reasons. I think the company may have over-estimated their needs. The pilot hiring numbers that have been thrown around are pre 9/11.

5. This one I can't help you on. All I can tell you is that you prior experience along with company need is what determines what aircraft you go into. As far as getting hired, don't forget to smile at your interview.

6. There is only one domicile, Columbus. There are several gateways though. Unless you live in a log cabin somewhere in Northern Montana, there is probably a gateway near you. The rule is that you need to be within 100 miles or three hours of your gateway when your tour begins. To change your gateway, you need only advise the company by the 11th of the month prior to the change. I have done in several times.

7. See answer 2 and 3.

8. I'm not sue of the company's policy concerning guys still on active duty. I can tell you that as a Guardsman myself I have never had any trouble getting the time off that I need. I have even heard stories of pilots taking years off for military duty. This is a very military friendly company. Don't let this opportunity pass you up. This is a fabulous place to work. You want to be here.

I hope this helped you out a bit.


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Nov 28, 2001
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FYI... I can't answer most of those questions but I can tell you that If you have a letter of recommendation send it in or have the person writing it send it in for you. They will keep it in your file and it may speed up the process. I sent my app. in on May 3rd with two letters and another one sent in a couple of weeks later and got called on the 28th of the same month to schedule an interview on the 27th of June. I don't know what they're looking for in the way of qualifications but from what I've heard... 5000 to 8000 hours is the competative mins right now. That seems a bit high, but then maybe that's why I got called as quickly as I did. Good luck.

helo to herc

Jan 3, 2002
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Hey Cavpilot,
I am new at Netjets and they really did not do a good job with explaining how reserves guys (like me) go about letting the company know when I drill. If you could give some inside scoop on that it would be greatly appreciated.
PS- I have to agree with you about the company- I am new but I am pretty impressed with what I have seen.
Thanks, talk to ya soon. H to H


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Nov 26, 2001
Hey helo to herc,

If you need only a couple of days off (i.e. drill, sim weekend, adsw) just let your scheduler know what days you need off to include travel days. Be sure to let them know if you still want to work a full schedule.
If you need more time off (i.e. A.T., school, active duty) you need to send a copy of your orders to the chief pilot's office.
as I said before, NJA is a millitary friendly company. I went to A.T. in my third week of employment here. No problem.
Send me a private message if you have any more questions, or get my name off of the NJA Pilot's message board. I have the same handle.


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Jun 18, 2002
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For what it's worth, here's my timeline and numbers I've recently been told. I submitted an online resume 9/17/01, got the app late October, got called Jan 12, 2002 with an interview cancellation for 1/17, got a job offer 1/23, and started Hawker 1000 training 2/3/02. Seeing as I got furloughed from USAirways 12/2/01, NetJets timing couldn't have been better. Friends who applied the same time I did and got furloughed on the same day interviewed late March. Luck of the draw I guess.
I talked to pilot recruitment a few weeks back about a friend in the pipeline and here's what she told me. 100 slots remain for 2002, planning on hiring 550 or more in 2003. It could be more than 550 based on attrition next year. 900+ apps in a pile awaiting interview scheduling. They have started sending out update letters to see who's still interested. As far as I know, you can't get applications anymore, but they will still accept online stuff. They are interviewing every couple of weeks, and the last few weeks they have hired 15 out of 20 who interviewed. No quotas...just whoever fits the profile I guess.
This is a top notch company with a bright future. I have already passed up 2 upgrade bids on the Hawker 1000 (still much to learn-very different from commuter/ major airline flying!). The next contract hopes to bring great leaps forward in pay, scheduling, and many other key areas. Best of luck!