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Netjets ? for New hires

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Well-known member
May 12, 2003
Here's the situation...Getting married in March...Got my application done and ready to be walked in...Several thousand dollars already spent on wedding deposits...What are my chances of getting my wedding off if i get hired in say a month or two? Thanks guys!
Ask about your situation during the interview.

I can't say for sure what they'd do, but you might be able to put in for a short unpaid LOA (leave of absence), if need be. I know of one guy who put off his start date because of his wedding. That might be another option, too, though that has an obvious downside with regards to seniority.
Thanks, Yeah i'd hate to give up that seniority if i didn't have to. Do you think that would be a negative against me if i asked that at an interview?
I don't think it would be a negative to ask about having time off for a wedding you've already got planned. And it would be better for you to know about that time off up front than to find out some bad news down the road.

Good luck to you.
haha yeah i guess i'm not used to that terminology being in charter...If you're breathing your flying...If your not breathing, they'll just strap you in for looks
I know that they have been very flexible on training dates with a couple guys I know who were in your exact situation. The chances are they'll let you delay your start date.
Just had a friend start a week few weeks ago. His wife was scheduled for surgery. Linda just told him to call when he wanted to start class. Last year when I started I need off for my daughters first birthday. They let me take the following sim class so I could be home. Just let them know up front during your interview and they should be pretty good with everything.
I start class on Monday and was told to let them know the dates on Monday as I am getting married in January. They told me that I would be given a unpaid leave of absense which is fine by me.
Called in sick for my wedding in 1994. 6 mos. with the company (TSA). Called in for the carpet dance, required to get a Dr. note. (Epstein's mother) Couldn't get time off, or trade the trip away.

Divorced the psycho-b#$%^ in 1999. Have a great daughter with her. Better off with No. 2.

No advice to give.

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