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Need 2000EX Info

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Active member
Mar 2, 2002
Can anyone help me with some 2000EX numbers?
Coming out of EGE, temp 0 c, 4 pax, fuel for 2 hours. I am looking for the s/e second segment climb gradient.

2000EX Performance

OK I had the stuff with me. Your payload/mission (8000 pounds of fuel, 4 pax) would put our EX at around 33000 pounds. Can't do the Gypsum departure IFR, the airplane's second segment at 33000 pounds is 8.8 net. You can get into the 5 minute thrust limit depending on which runway and the reported weather. It's a no go IFR anyway off either runway, you have to be down to 29,795 pounds for the runway 25 815/nm to 9000 MSL, or 28,170 pounds for the 800-3 weather 415/nm to 12000 off of runway 7. Our EX Basic operating weight is 24,200 pounds so you see the dilemma.

Our company minimums are 5000/5 and no night anyway so the VFR climb applies to us. However we do still try to load planning on runway analysis talked about in the next paragraph even VFR.

I did look up runway analysis from aircraft performance vendor APG on our ARINC web site (perfectly legal, no LOA required Part 91), and you can do it legally IFR if you use the alternate departure procedures they developed. At 0 degrees, flaps 10, no anti-ice you can operate between 33,745 pounds off of runway 25 to gross weight off of runway 7 depending on which procedure you employ. I would back off those numbers a little for "fudge factor" if the mountains were obscured in real life anyway just to be safe but it would work. Anti ice on reduces the weight by 3000 pounds on average. If you ever use runway analysis pay very close attention to the "accel ht" (clean up altitude) and maximum IAS as these are critical to get the terrain clearance you want. At this airport it is 8000-9000 feet depending on which runway and alternate procedure in question.

The EX is a beast compared to the classic. We operate one of each.

Just heard the kids get up gotta go.

Have a nice Thanksgiving everyone.

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