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Fly High

Well-known member
Aug 11, 2005
Hey All! I am a HUGE NASCAR fan and I am trying to figure out how to get hooked up with a NASCAR team for a flying job. Does anyone have any info (good, bad and/or ugly) about the jobs. I know the weekend schedule will not be the most fun but neither is 135.
ok...does any beleive in doing a search BEFORE they post. First off where do you live. If you dont live in the NC area its gonna be real hard and even if you do live in NC its still hard. i have a few buddies that work for Hendrix and Rousch. I understand that the Hendrix guys work part time before they are hired on full time. I just ran into a girl that I went to college with and she confirmed that . She is a current part time-er. Roush I would steer away from now that one of the Zantop's are involved. Some of the drivers have their own a/c and their own personal pilot. Some teams even charter 727, DC-9 and the like to move their teams around. Its a tight-nit kinda world and good luck on breaking in.
1st-yes I did look through prior posts but I am looking for current/new info. So, that answers that question.

2nd-most pilots know that for a new job you will probably have to move. So, where I live doesn't have as much importance as if I am willing to move. Answer to that quesiton is yes.

3rd-not everyone that posts on this board is an idiot.

4th-Yes, I know it is hard to get in thus I am looking for some advice on how to get in.

Thanks for the helpful info.
Don't know if theres much valuable information on this link, but it's worht a look around - defintely has some contact information on it.

This is the Race Team Aviation Association, which is a psuedo-organization of all the race teams pilots and aircraft operators.

A year or so ago there was a guy on this board that flew a King Air for one of the race teams. Can't remember his name, and don't know if he's still around, but he was a nice guy and could help you out with some answers if you wanted. Try the search button and see if you can pull him up - I know this has been discussed in the past.
I live in CLT... I've looked around as well. JQF (I believe is Concord) is where they all fly out of. Rousche (sp?) Racing is a huge team with a few aircraft. I have their fax # here somewhere, I'll PM you when I find it. From what I hear, yea, it's pretty hard to get in, however if they need somebody, it's just being in the right place at the right time, of course.

good luck!
Being smack dab in the middle of NASCARland, and knowing a small handful of folks who used to, or still do, fly for NASCAR teams or for drivers, I can tell you that you really have to be a local who gets to know the right people. In my experience, it is a bit of a good-ole-boy network. It takes a while to get an 'in', and almost everyone I know started part-time in the right seat of a King Air or 1900 before getting on full-time or getting on the bigger equipment like the EMB-120s or the small jets. Most of them have said you'll work your butt off 8 to 10 months, then you'll get a bit of a break or even a "see ya next season" letter. I've heard it both ways.

Of course ... there are always exceptions, and you may be one. So send a resume to every single team and tell them you are moving to NC and that you LOVE NASCAR. :D You never know.


Edit ... many big-name NASCAR teams also fly out of GSO, INT, EXX, RUQ, and even little 2A5. Don't limit yourself to Concord. You can't swing a dead cat at P-H in GSO Sunday evenings without hitting a tire-changer or a driver or two. :D
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C-5 MEM said:

Who do you know at Hendricks? I have a family member who works there.



P.S.--How's the job search going?
I have been flying for Dillards and JP Morgan Chase on their G-5. Nothing full time yet.

Talked with a family member at Hendricks. He said they have a Gulfstream there

How are things with you?
Why would you want to work for NASCAR? I hear they work you to death and I bet you anything, you don't get to go to the races and rub elbows with..whoever they are. And, I bet there is alot of back and forth trips all day long at these races. Also, I flew an airplane that was formerly owned by a nascar team and let me tell you, it was TRASHED on the inside (as could be expected from a bunch of rednecks)...

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