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my interview with ALG

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Dec 10, 2001
Hey you guy's and gals.

I had an interview with ALG last week. It was exactly like the previous gouge's said it would be. The Ramada Inn is a nice hotel, they take you and the rest of the applicants right over to ALG corporate HQ.My group was a mixed crowd of furloughed TWA, USAirways, American, and of course the usual part 135 charter crowd. One guy had worked for so many airlines, I lost count. He even quit Executive jet over pay disputes. Go figure. I assume that all the furloughed guy's in there still had there seniority numbers. They also by the way had very bad attitudes about working for ALG, or any regional for that matter. They were griping about the exam, saying stuff like, all this work for only 24.00/hr. All I have to say is that I was glad to be there, and I think that 24/hr is still a good wage to start at. Some of those guy's didn't even know that there was a test, and seemed to be sweating through it. The test was a breeze, and I finished it in about 3 minutes. (yes I passed!) I then got my one on one with the Chief pilot, and it went very well. He's a super nice guy, makes you feel very relaxed. He said that prior to 9/11, I would of been a shoe in for a job, but that now he has a stack of resumes and furloughees that he also has to consider. In any event, we talked for about an 1/2 hour, and told me that HR would most likely let me know in about 14 days if I'm in the pool. I have sent my resume in to PDT as well, and I have heard good things about that company as well. For those of you that are Major furloughees, remember, just be glad that you have been given the chance to fly an airplane again, it's still the best job out there. For the rest of us first time hopefulls, just keep trying, it will happen sooner or later.
Hey Man,

I think I was in the same interview class as you. I didn't get offered the job either. Oh well... I guess we'll just keep beatin the bushes....

I think I interviewed with both of you guys. Sorry to hear about the letter, best of luck to you!!!!!

I just posted info on aviation interviews. I dont how long it will take to get up there. I posted it at 630am on 24 Jan.

The questions on will fly for food are a year old. About 1/4 of them are on the test.

Study, Weather and Regs.


where did you post it franco?? on this website?? which forum??

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