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Multi PIC recip or SIC BE20/CE500 ?

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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2001
I need help deciding which position will serve my interests the best. I'd like to retire (in 30 years) with ExecJet or Flight Ops. The money is a wash between the two positions.

Should I continue with my current part time 135 position providing about 100 hrs/yr. in a BE20 and CE550/560? (SIC of course). (Note that this job also comes with a pain in the A$$ CFI job)


Take a 135 job that will provide 500 hrs/yr. PIC multi in a Baron/414 with little or no turbine equip. available? (BUT, get out of flight instructing)

Currently 1600TT/100 ME (80 turbine, mostly SIC 135)

If there are any flightops/RTA or execjetters...will going recip prove to be a mistake later when I apply?
So, being a CFI is a pain in the rear, eh?

Well, the answer is simple. If you consider being a CFI such onerous duty, the best thing to do for you and your students is to go sell used cars.

There is no easy road that leads to a career in aviation.
to 769er .

Why didn't YOU remain a primary instructor Mr. bigshot 767? based on your profile I see a huge contradiction in your statement vs. your actions. I've busted my ass for the past 2 years worrying about everybody elses education and ratings, I've learned more than I ever thought I would instructing but I think others will agree that the learning curve (for the instructor) tapers off after about 1-2000 hrs in a C152.

You're **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**-right I'd like to actually fly an airplane again. Did you get in aviation to sit and watch everybody else fly?

I like so many other wish nothing but the best for our industry as a whole but I'm afraid it's probably you sir that is lucky to be selling cars. Save your opinion for you friends you're paper bagging with on the corner.
Aw, I offended the little guy. I'm so not sorry. Bigshot? Boy, do I feel important. Hey everybody, look - somebody's dissing me.

Well, my thin skinned friend - Let me try again.

Nope, I knew that I would do the best job flight instructing that I could until I could get a regional job. When that happened, I took the oppurtunity by the horns and jumped aboard.

After regionals, went corporate for a while, then one major and then another major job, this time flying planes with the pretty silver livery. When not furloughed, that is. See, that was my goal. Everything in between was the way to realize that goal.

Not once did I consider that being a CFI was a pain in the rear job. It was flying, and that was what I wanted to do. My worst day flight instructing was 100 times more satisfying than anything I had done to that point - It was the realization of a dream. I've been around the pattern in that C-152 a few thousand (seems like) times, and it takes desire to hang in there until the hours total up high enough to get hired. If you are giving your all for your students, then good on ya. If you cannot because of burnout, then I think you need to move on.
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Instructing v. Not

You're doing your students a disservice if you have a bad attitude about instructing. You want to be a professional. True professionals put forth their best effort at all times, no matter what position they're holding. There is nothing the matter with being a flight instructor. As PHX767 points out, it IS flying.

To answer your question, you ALWAYS want to get as much multi PIC as possible. Turbine is icing on the cake. Specifically to EJA, I have a friend who has a spring class date there. He has a ton of time, something like 8000 total, but only a little more than 500 multi and 800 single-engine turbine. He might have a few hours of multi turbine. And I believe he has a good 3000-6000 instructing and I don't know how much glider.

Hope that helps.
My bad.

pottymouthing instructing is not the answer. I do have a good majority of students that I find rewarding because of their personal interest. It's the delinquent kid that daddy sent to you to fix like a scoutmaster that'll drive you nuts.

If you could tell, yesterday was my CFI day, today was my 135 day thank-god. A BE20 helps me get my head screwed on strait like nothing else and sends me home smiling.

I appreciate the advice. I'll probably trade the 15 hrs/mo. SIC in a fancy jet for the recip multi PIC 135 gig.

Sorry to be insulting PHX767 and anyone else, it was truely one of those days. If anyone cares to offer opinions on that value of CE500 series SIC vs. multi-PIC recip. throw it out here.

Hey man, everybody has a bad day. Feel free to vent at me/us any old time. That's better than taking it out on students, kids, dogs, etc.

Multi PIC is never a bad thing. Is turbine time more valuable? How about jet time? All good stuff.

I think you really have to pump up your total time - what ever will build total time and get to 500 multi the fastest would be my choice.

I'll just go back to flying my PC now. Sigh.

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