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Multi-Engine Training

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Dec 5, 2001
I am a Corporate Pilot and do a little instructing on the side for a few friends. One of my students (PVT/INST) is interested in getting his Multi-Engine Rating. I currently instruct him in his Cherokee and don't have access to a twin. He is on a very hectic schedule and it is hard for him to focus on his training. He and I discussed this and decided it would be best for him to go to a school for a week and focus completely on getting that multi-engine rating.

So I was wondering if anyone knows of a good school in the midwest that has the ability to do a course like this. Here are the things I would like to see:

1) More than 1 training twin of the same make/model. Something like a Seminole, Duchess, or Seneca.

2) Aircraft/Instructor availablity to handle a student 6-8 hours per day for a week to get this thing done

3) Good examiner availablity in order to get the checkride done at the end of the week

4) Preferrably located somewhere in the Midwest

It can be a big school or a small school, just as long as they can give him the dedication he needs.

Ever look into ALL ATP's out ARR? They have Seminoles and use Leslie H. for thier examiner at the end of the week, and I believe the cost is fairly reasonable. I just had a former student complete the training and he said it wasnt bad. I do not know of thier aircraft availability or instructors count, but they are local and have a good reputation.

Take Care
American Flyers

Maybe there's an American Flyers where he can go.

Is your student willing to travel? He might consider Sheble's in Kingman, Arizona and Las Vegas, www.shebleaviation.com , for a quick multi rating. Or, any of the major flight schools, i.e. FSI, Pan Am, Comair, etc., can certainly work him in and get him done on a Part 61 basis. It might cost him, but it may be worth it in terms of his schedule.

Hope that helps a little.
I agree with Falcon apt. I did my ppl at AF and paid close to 7 grand for everything. If I had gone elsewhere it would have been much much less. I am looking into getting my IR these days and AF wanted 8 grand for that, while the school just downt he street from me wants about 2900.
Go with ATP....might even end up in a new Seminole.....the old ones are just as good....but make sure to tell this person, after he gets the ticket...to go learn how to fly multi ;)

7 grand for ppl.

That's what AF quoted me when I was looking around a t different schools.

Went to an independent FBO school for about 3800.00 total.

I like All ATP's programs for twin training from what I have seen.
Yeah, American Liars sucks. If he might be willing to travel, he could get a better deal. In addition to Shebles, Lenair Aviation at SNA has a good program and it's in an Aztec. A much better deal than a Duchess in my humble opinion. Plus their block rates are very competative. They often schedule students to fly for a week or two straight to get their rating. :D
American Flyers would be able to fit to his schedule and dedicate as much time as he needed.................. BUT, they are VERY expensive and don't have any twins in the midwest (if any anymore).

I agree with the others that recommended ALL ATPs out of ARR. I've worked with Leslie before. She is a great examiner... very thorough, but very fair. If he does get Leslie as an examiner, she gives seminars at Lewis University that cover exactly what she is looking for on all of her check rides. I'm pretty sure she also has tapes available with the same information.

Best of luck!

It's not a week long school, but if your student could do two weekends in a row there is a guy with a very nice PA-30CR that might be a good alternitive. He does training on the weekend and could schedule all day Sat & Sun with the checkride on the second Sun. Last I knew it was $135 dual/wet. If your interested PM me & I'll get you a name & number.


Just interviewed with Todd yesterday & hopefully it went well. Thanks for posting your info! I owe you one.


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