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Multi-engine training

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Poor Flight Instructor
Feb 12, 2002
I am just finishing up my commercial, and i am planning to go to Dallas in mid-March to get my multi-engine. Has anyone ever heard of a company called Multi-Engine Training, based at Redbird that does training in TravelAirs. It is a guaranteed at $795 + $295 for the Checkride. Anyone have any comments on this? I have an opportunity to do the multi in a Dutchess here (KS) for 2x the price of fuel. I dont know which to do. Any ideas would be appreciated
I guess it really depends on what you want to do with the rating. I'd imagine that you'd want to build time after you get it. That place in Dallas sounds like a good deal, however don't expect to be able to rent anything in the Kansas area with only the 10 hours or so of twin time that you'd have after finishing the training. You may be able to solo the Travel Airs in Dallas because you got the rating there, but that doesn't do you much good when you live somewhere else.

On the other hand, if you train in the Duchess close to where you live, you might be able to solo the plane right afterwards, or maybe with a minimum amount of additional dual. The school where I rent a Duchess requires 20 hours. That way, you have a twin to fly after you get the rating. And at twice the cost of gas - that's a great deal. I'm chunking out $140 per hour to fly the things!
I wonder where did you get that information about the school. I have not heard the name like that at Redbird. However, the price range is the "All ATP" (web site: http://www.allatps.com/) operated out of Grand Prairie, Texas. Which is an "Add On" program, not training or teach you anything but get your money. Do some research on this. I've read a lot of bad points about this company on this new message board (and the old one).

Here is some infor about RBD on http://www.airnav.com/airport/KRBD

If you interest in training in Dallas. Addison (ADS) have few Flight School (Part 141) that doing pretty good in maintenance.
http://www.monarchair.com/ with the price of Beech Duchess
for $165 per hour. Pretty expensive, eh?

Anyway, good luck on searching. If you wanna know about flight school around North Texas. Welcome to send me a private message.
I got my multi rating at one of those places like the one you're talking about in Dallas. Guranteed rating for $1200 or something like that. My problem was that it was a 6 hour drive from my home and I couldn't rent it after I got the rating. On top of the cost of the rating, I had to pay for a few more hours with an instructor at a local airport for a check out in their twin. Pretty expensive! If you want to build some time after you get the rating, don't make the same mistake I made.... Get your rating at a place nearby and that will let you rent the thing when you are done with your training. Saving a few bucks intially might turn into spending alot more down the line.
I think the guy's name at RBD is Clyde Fredrickson. The number in the Big D yellow pages is 214-330-7811. I know a couple of guys who did there ME there.

You can also try Flightstar and Henley's at ADS. Flightstar has a Baron and Henley's has a Seminole (I've flown both.)

The logic of doing your training where you will rent from is right on. The places at ADS want I believe 10 hours of dual or 10 hours make and model plus 50 ME total before they tun you loose. If you do your training where you will rent, you can at least count your training hours towards those requirements.

Blue skies.

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I don't know what school in Redbird your looking at, but there is almost always an ad in the paper here for high time MEI's wanted at a school @ Redbird. Might want to make sure the school your looking at there has enough instructors.

Monarch is a good school, good people, descent equipment and easy to get to. Many hotels and resturants in the area and nice area of town. The Beechess is in good shape. I should be flying her down to Austin a few times over the next month or so.

Good luck.
Multi rating

The truth of the matter is you probably won't be able to rent ANY multi solo after you get the rating. Insurance is like that.

I'd stay at home and get the rating. You'll save money in the long run. Think about getting your MEI in the same airplane as your initial CFI. Your MEI training will count as multi and multi PIC.

That's my .02. Good luck with your training.

I assume the Dutchess your talking about is at KCAC. It's been about a year since I asked about the requirements for rental, but with 300 TT I don't think that you have enough time to take it solo. If your interested I know of someone with a NICE PA-30 you can get your rating in for $135/hr dual/wet. Note it does include the instructor for that price. Also if your trying to build time you can do Angle Flights for something like $110/hr. Like most everywhere else no solo, but a great aircraft at reasonable prices. A two hour drive for a couple weekends would be better than hotel & all in Dallas. If your interested PM me and I'll get you the info.

bobby et al.:

There are a few FBOs that will let you solo their twin with relatively low time. I rented a Dutchess from Luman Air in Aurora, IL (KARR) for $160/hr wet... yeah a little steep if you ask me, but I soloed it with only about 20hrs multi. Anyway when I was there a check out consisted of 1.5-2 hrs with one of their instructors as long as you had I belive 500 TT and 50 multi. If you had less, then they made you go through a 10 hour check out with their instructor. With the instructor it was $190/hr wet which meant almost $2,000 for a check out!:eek:

A friend of mine rented an Aztruck from Shaumburg, IL (06C) for I think $130/hr wet. His check out was maybe 1.5 at most with one of their instructors. I don't think they required you to have "X" amount of multi time before they let you solo it either because he only had maybe 30hrs multi when he soloed it.

There are a few places out there that will let you solo their twins with relatively low time, but you may end up paying the premium for it like I did for the additional check out. That is why I say to get your multi and even your MEI from a place that will let you solo it after you've gotten your ratings from them. This is one mistake that i've made that I hope others can learn from!!!
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