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multi-engine aerodynamics

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Active member
Feb 17, 2002
hello! i need some help understanding multi aerodynamics. what are the factors affecting Vmc? why the left engine is the critical engine? does anybody know a good site that i can go and look? thank you very much.
Dumbledore said:
How about reading your book. You DO have a book, right?

Yeah, I've got to agree with Dumble on that one.
See, when the left engine, on a conventional Multi-Engine airplane stops, it is not directing it's propblast at the tail, and the right engine is not directing it's propblast at the tail, and you roll upside down and die.

However, if you fly a plane with two tails, (see avatar), you don't have that problem, you just feather the engine that failed, declare an inconvenience, and keep on going.

Oh, there's a story, the superskyrocket.com folks told me about one of their european customers, who was on his way home after taking delivery of one of their modified airplanes. He called from Goose Bay, and said, listen, can I fly on one engine. The superskrocket folks said, oh no, get it fixed right away. A few months later, they were following up, how do you like your plane, and he said, I really got to get that engine fixed, it flies slow on one engine.

Does that explain it all??
Oh, it's all pretty simple. :puke:
Instead of the book. Okay, get the book, but for simple understanding, get the King School video on ME, and John can explain it really well.
Normally I don't go for that kind of answer but there literally are chapters that cover the topic and I think someone would exceed the forum limit to attempt it here. There is a LOT of information on it.
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