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Multi Aerodynamics

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Well-known member
Sep 23, 2004
I am working on my MEI, I have put together some lesson plans. I am wondering if anyone on here knows of a few good online resources about aerodynamics on multi's and other great helpful MEI stuff for a piper senaeca.
If I may be so bold to suggest,,if there is one thing you need to hammer into muti-students its drag! drag! drag!!!

Everything hinges on eliminating the most drag you can. Flaps in the wrong position, gear, the opening of gear doors during the cycle, cowl flaps, too little or too much rudder,, its all killer drag.

Seems we all teach directional control (and that is very important), but after you straighten the old girl out, the thing is not going to stay in the air if you don't get rid of all the drag. Difference from making it and parking it. Seems to be very forgotten.
In my humble opinion.
Advisory Circular 61-9B was helpful to me a few year ago when I got my MEI. For the flight test I prepared a lesson plan on zero slip. Taped yarn to the wings and everything. Really interesting to a geek who wants to know why not just what.

Good luck!

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