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Mother's Day Flowers = Support for Children of Military Fallen Heroes

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Nov 27, 2001
Mother's Day is a week from Sunday and many of you will be purchasing flowers for your mothers.

Please consider using the Snowball Express website to order your flowers at the following website.

Snowball Express brings children of military fallen heroes who have lost a parent since 9/11 from either combat or non-combat related deaths together for 5 days, 4 nights, all expenses paid. For the past 4 years nearly 2000 children and surviving parents have attended events in CA and TX.

To learn more visit http://www.snowballexpress.org and hear the testimony from Gary Sinise of why he supports this cause.

The process is as easy as the 1.800.Flowers but using the link below will send 10% + $2 per order toward helping bring 1500 children for this year's event in Texas in December for 5 days, 4 nights of great memories.

Flowercause.org http://www.flowercause.org/ is the organization that purchases and ships the flowers. They use florists around the country but work only with non-profits in helping raise money while selling flowers to those who support the various causes.

Use this link, http://flowercause.org/snowball.htm to make your order.

There are two options on the page, choose the one of the left
"Send Flower Bouquets and Gift Baskets"

and order flowers by choosing "Send Flowers Now".

The link on the right of the page is for Mother's Day group sales (in offices, etc.) and is not for individual sales such as these. The deadline for using this option has already passed but the deadline for using the individual order has not. You can order up to next Saturday, May 8.

Please forward this link and message to your friends and others who wish to show their support for these families who have paid the price of freedom for each of us all while buying beautiful flowers at a good price.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and/or contribute to the cause.
Wrong forum. Take it to "Non-Aviation Chat"
yeah that's exactly what a the kid of a dead fighter pilot wants: flowers.

I can tell you that 25 years ago last month I didn't want to see another flower, tray of cold cuts or a blue car for the rest of my life.
I for one think its fine for this purpose... maybe Lear70 has a different opinon.. it stays here as far as i'm concerned...

And to "bornagainpagan" :rolleyes: ... you're free to express your opinion and obvious religious tendancy within reason, I am pretty sure we all support our troops fighting on our behalf so we freedoms that include having sites like this one ... however this is a USA and english speaking web site..as your signiture line is TRANSLATED to say " Coca Cola, sewage imperialism" what the heck does that mean???

if you want to have a signiture line, it should be in english for all to understand.. I'll be checking the TOS and web site owner for review..

As for the correct forum, I think the mods have this under good control without your politically correcting post.. contrary to what you might think, FI is not a democracy..
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yeah that's exactly what a the kid of a dead fighter pilot wants: flowers.

I can tell you that 25 years ago last month I didn't want to see another flower, tray of cold cuts or a blue car for the rest of my life.

Dear Lear Love,

I interpret your comments as suffering the same loss as over 9000 children (since 9/11) have suffered. They too do not want any flowers as they are temporary. What was lost besides a parent were and is for these children now are memories of being with a parent that can never be regained.

Snowball Express provides memories for these children of being with other children just like themselves so they realize they are not alone. I'm just sorry Snowball Express was not around when you lost your father so you could've met other children just like you.

The letter below is from one of the mothers who attended and explains the "power" of Snowball Express to these families. Thanks again to you for the price of freedom you pay everyday for all of us.

A letter from a Snowball Express mom,

Dear Snowball Express:

My daughter and I attended the Snowball Express event last year in southern California, 6 months after the death of my husband and 3 three months after the birth of our third child. My husband was a Commander in the Navy and the Commanding Officer of a helicopter squadron in Jacksonville, FL when his helo went down and killed all five crew members aboard. Today, May 7, is the 1 year anniversary of his death. I think I was looking for some reason to get out of bed this morning other than having to take care of three children, ages 9, 2 and 8 months so I logged onto your site looking for information on the 2008 event and happily I found it.

Thankfully I found so much more than information today. I realized I found hope. You see, I started thinking about last year's event. I thought about the hundreds of people who lined the streets on our way to the Oakley facility, I thought about the people who volunteered their time and money. I thought about the other families who attended the Snowball Express and I thought about the many people in our lives who have been here to hold our hands and help us through this painful time, of which, Snowball Express played a big part. I realized that I am very lucky because of the love and support I have received from people I know and people I don't know. I found hope today for my family’s future and I found the strength to go on because so many people care.

I can only image the logistics of organizing such a huge event and I was a meeting planner before I had kids! It kinda boggles the mind when you know what goes into these events and it makes me that much more grateful for all of your unending energy, enthusiasm and drive.

Last years event really helped my daughter open up about her dads death. I think it helped her, and me, to see there are other children in her situation and who share her grief. She talks about the Snowball Express often and shares her experience whenever there is an opportunity. She is looking forward to coming again this year. Your staff and volunteers were so caring and helpful. It was a good start on our long road of healing. This year I hope to bring my 9 year old daughter and my 2 year old son to the event.

Sorry to be rambling on and on when all I simply wanted to say was thank you.

Kathy Sheahan

My apologies to those who may feel this is an intrusion on a non-aviation topic.

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