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Most hours flow in a month ?

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Curtis Malone
May 6, 2002
Just wonder who has the most hours flow in a month. I'm at 88 this July but Im sure someone has more then that.
154.9 hours this past July. I was flying my pipeline routes, and covering two other routes for another pilot that was sick. Average per day was between 7 and 8 hours flying time. Even as much as I love my job, that was a LOOOONG month!!
Same here

133 is my personal best as well. That was in a Metroliner.
154 doing flight lines...
194 hours Flying AG 7 days a week in June 2001. I think it was like 288 landings.
Stop the insanity!

288 landings in a month?!?!?


My record there was 28 in a day...Shuttling 14,000# of soda pop from Dillingham to Manakotak, Alaska in a 207.

1000# at a time....

...VFR at night.

Through a pass.

Headwinds both ways. Ok that's a lie. :)

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