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More info from AWAC

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Air Wisconsin
Feb 8, 2003
I talked to a buddy today who's a pilot contract rep for AWAC. He says one of our uper managment guys recently said that AWAC will be hiring at least 15 pilots per month and upgrading 32 CA's per month until at least May 06'. The only gap in upgrades will be in April when the BAC jet pilots come to the CRJ. That's at least 160 upgrades in 6 months. The total seniority list is 800. That's alot of movement. My guess is if you're hired you'll spend about 3 to 4 months on reserve and then hold a line. Keep sending your resumes in.
Hey you don't have to work there. Just telling what I heard. Take it as you will.
32 seems like a pretty high number. I don't even remember those kind of training numbers back when we were actually taking delivery of airplanes.

Either way I'd agree with the fact that there will be a decent amount of upgrade oppurtunities over the next 6 months. Between being understaffed on captains and the advertised "higher utilization" flying under Airways colors, they'll have to keep it crackin.

For a newhire wanting to live on the east coast I'd say this is defintely the place to be.
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I'm confused - the list on the pilots' website lists 942. Are there 150 management pilots?

I don't think those numbers have been accurate one day since I've started here.If you follow them all the way down you'll probably find some numbers are skipped. The way to get a better idea of just how many pilots we have is to take the last vancancy notice and add up how many were on the previous award ( it wasn't to long ago so it should be about right and it accounts for attrition). As of 10/26 there were 736 pilots holding a position in the system, that does include the BAC guys as they are "CRJ pilots" now at least on paper. That probably didn't include the last new hire class or two.
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For Flechas.... "my sources told me..."

What is being said from the training department is that they will need approx 1,100 pilots to staff the 70 aircraft with the utilization that US Air wants. They will interview up until December when they will stop because of all the training they are having to do. This could change if a lot more pilots resign. They are saying 20 per month (about 10 CAs and 10 FOs evenly) are resigning.

If you're east coast or don't mind moving east coast or don't mind commuting then AWAC just might be the place if you're looking to go somewhere. But again, there have been no announcements or hints (other than the "trust me, hang on for six more months" annonymous post here on flightinfo) about growth past 70 airplanes or that we will shift into more midwest flying again. But, judging on the multitude of base openings and closings over the past 10 years I imagine that things will swing around again.

The issue with AWAC right now is that attrition is running very high. Last month crew planning ended up with about 1900 hours of flying unaccounted for because of lack of crews. Lately as FO's upgrade to CA, some have been quitting immediately following OE. This and other attrition itself continues or even widens the gap of needed CA's. If you look at the numbers, sometimes attrition runs higher than the number of new hires. The numbers I listed are understandibly questionable but they also make sense when you see whats been happening at AWAC lately. These are the number that I heard and as usual are pending confirmation. I'll try to get it and I'll post it here.

My understanding is the December class is a go. But I'll try to confirm that too.
Just found out, no interviews in December because of holidays. Interviews will resume in January.

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