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More good LUV'n

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Jan 13, 2002
Southwest Taking Two More B-737s in June
Southwest Airlines announced March 13 the carrier will accept two more B-737s in June, bringing its 2002 deliveries to 14 and the carrier's total fleet to 366.
Good News

Well, that's good news!

But I gotta ask: "What's your take on "no new classes scheduled after April.." line that JM is putting out.

A slowdown? Or is it just that they have haven't firmed things up yet?

I know any answer is just speculation, but that's all I've got at this point.

I guess I could call JM... I haven't yet; for two reasons:

1. it's only been 19 days since JM called to congratulate me.

2. I'm chicken (don't ask what you don't want to hear)!

Ya know, I find it curious and troublesome (not really, but it does sound dramatic doesn't it?) that our insiders (Chase, MWB, etc..) haven't piped up with the inside poop. My over active imagination draws the worse conclusions.

Furloughed, forgotten and feversihly flailing....

Come on guys... SPECULATE!
why no words

My speculation:
- no new interviews will be announced until the quarterly #s come out:

- good #s

- new class shedule will be announced, possibly with increased pace if training can support it. Classes will continue at one every two weeks (they never announce anything until the last moment possible, so don't sweat May classes until late April).
- new interviews will be announced; they'll still be looking for "rock stars"
- planes will still come out of deferment, maybe even new orders

- bad #s

- classes will continue nonstop until they stop for the year.
- the wait for an offer of a class date will not exceed 180 days for anyone currently in the pool.
- interviews will be put off, with vague future dates (fall)

Other speculation
- our inside guys are busy
- the #s are not gonna be spectacular, but good enough for them to press ahead with the "A" plan. They still do it cautiously, ready to turn off the flow in a second (a good reason to wait until the last second to offer class dates). I think things will be good based on the things we are seeing out of SWA: buying new gates, taking airplane deliveries etc. But I don't think they'll be great based on some load factor reports I've seen, some stock analyst stuff I've seen and my general belief that the Pax still aren't 100% back. I think SWA will expand on anything other than rotten news because they want to be possitioned when the recovery really starts gathering steam.

Be careful about asking me for speculation;)
Here's the press release. First MDW to SEA and OAK, then MDW to LAX, now MDW to SAN- looks like most of the growth is going into long haul flights.

I think Ivauir is right about the classes, SWA just likes to keep all their options open as long as possible.


Southwest Announces Further Growth Plans; Airline Plans More New Flights for June

DALLAS, March 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- In a continuing effort to
cautiously grow the airline, Southwest Airlines' (NYSE: LUV) officials today
announced the carrier will add five new daily flights to its schedule in June.
The new service will be made possible by two previously deferred
deliveries of aircraft from The Boeing Co. The June deliveries will allow the
airline to begin three new nonstop flights between Chicago Midway and San
Diego. Southwest also will add two additional nonstop flights between Phoenix
and Orange County.
With these two additional aircraft, Southwest will have accepted delivery
of 14 aircraft in 2002, bringing its fleet to a total of 366 Boeing 737
aircraft. These 14 aircraft are part of the 19 aircraft deliveries deferred
last fall.
On June 9, 2002, Southwest will initiate new nonstop service between
Chicago Midway and San Diego with three daily nonstop flights. A seven-day
advance purchase fare of $89 each way based on a roundtrip purchase is
available on this new nonstop service through June 9.
On the same day, Southwest also will add two daily nonstop flights between
Phoenix and Orange County, bringing to five the total of daily nonstop
roundtrip flights between the two cities.
Hey, I love it. Good speculation!

I'm betting on the "good" scenario.

I believe SWA does want to be poised for the boom when it comes, yet they want to do it with their usual conservative approach (don't jump unless you know how deep the water is).

While this approach can be maddening for those of us waiting to come aboard, it's one of the reasons SWA has always been in my crosshairs. They make sound, deliberate business decisions based on empirical data.

On the other hand... The CEO of my previous company embarked on a growth strategy based upon the world as he saw it in 1999...

He then stuck his head in the sand as the economy rolled inverted and pulled 6 g's. It wasn't until we pancaked that he pulled his head out in time to tell the bankruptcy judge he was the guy to take the company out of bankruptcy because he's had so much experience with CH 11!

And he still has a job!

So, I'll wait, I'll speculate and eventually I'll get hired... for the last time.

Gotta LUV it!
To all of you out there keeping those of us in the pool informed....Thanks! It is definately the food for survival as we wait for the chance to catch that dream job.

I have been treading water since early August 2001 and must admit the skin is definately wrinkled. But coming back to this page and finding info like this keeps me above water.

Now for those of you with a crystal ball, I'd love to hear your prediction on when I might see a class. To help you out a bit, I'll let you know I'm currently a product of the greatest Air Force on earth and consequently, I've been asked to stick around a bit longer to help out this great country. With Stop/Loss controlling my life, the future is uncertain. But I have been extremely impressed with SWA and JM as she reassures me every month when I make my call that the company still plans on holding a spot for me. You've got to luv SWA.
ATKTK's Release

If you are current and qualified in the U2 I think your emancipation is a long way off. I think the almighty USAF is harder to read than SWA - but I think afsc with 11's in them might start getting released this fall. One year is a nice round number and works out awfully close to the fiscal year ...

Best of luck - fly safe!
Conflicting info from the "inside"...

Our class had breakfast with Colleen and Jim (yes, that Colleen and Jim) ;) yesterday. General attitude was very upbeat, but current quarter is very uncertain.

"Good" rumors from the training department:

--Training center instructor staff is going from about 60 to 100 instructors this year (by January).

--Two new -700 sims on the way (not a rumor, the empty spots on the floor are quite visible)

--Additional new jets being brought back from the desert

"Bad" rumors from the training department:

--Additional classes after April "on hold" until first quarter results are evaluated

--April class cancelled (?) :(

All those are total rumors, unsubstantiated by anyone "in the know," except for the new sims and new jets, which are pretty much confirmed. The March 15 class started arriving today, and we've seen little troops of "interview clones" walking back and forth for the last two weeks, so things still look like "business as usual"...


We used to say (tongue in cheek) "It's a privilege to serve."

May I say now it's a privilege to be in the pool with those who are currently serving our country.

I regret it delays your being added to the SWA seniroity list, but I do thank-you for serving our country when needed.

In DAL beer's on me for anyone who's served since 911.

Semper Fi

P.S. You must be an old fart, reference the T-39 time!

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