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More Furloughs at UAL

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Nov 28, 2001
Got the call from the chief pilot this morning. It's official - 285 more pilots effective March 2. Best of luck to all.
My condolences...

...to you and your brethren.

Does this mean that the various United Express carriers will be following suit, or does that mean that they will only do better? Anyone from ACA or Air Whiskey care to comment? How are things over your way?
I imagine flying would be increasing at UAX, as they fly the routes we once did on airplanes that are equally out of work :(
The real number

WOW....the number has changed about four times today. I just wish someone would come out and say the true number instead of managers speculating based on rumor. I heard 253, but heck what do I know. Regardless what the number is, a sad day for brothers and sisters.

Outta there!

253 is what I got from my call today. That was about 1000 hrs this morning.

I'm not UAL, but...

I received two voice-mails today:
1. Heard 253 (from an affected UAL pilot) 2. Air Whiskey is closing the 328 base at ORD (from an affected Air Whiskey pi lot).

Was hoping for some better news....

Sorry to those soon to be on the street, as it is a very tough place to be right now.
Latest Round ?

How are the notifications going out, by mail or phone ? What does this bring the number down to ?

Don't look at Air Wis to be picking up much of UAL's flying, if any. We're still getting RJ's but we are losing 328's and Bac Jets. The numbers indicate we will not be recalling furloughed pilots until 2003. We were originally suppose to have 37 RJs by the end of 2002, that number is now 30 (and seems to continue to decrease). I don't know what things are like at ACA or Skywest.

So please don't bellyache about the regionals stealing your flying! We don't like seeing pilots on furlough at UAL either, considering most of us don't intend to spend our careers flying RJs!
Here's some news from Alaska Air Group:

Alaska will serve both cities with nonstops from Seattle: three round trips per day to Denver and one to Boston. The Denver route will be flown with 138-seat 737-400s and Boston will be served with the long-range 737-700, a 120-seat Next Generation Boeing aircraft.

Roundtrip same-plane service will be available once per day between Anchorage-Denver and one-way same-plane service will be available eastbound from Fairbanks to Denver.

The debut in Denver, on April 28, will also include sister carrier Horizon Air, which will offer three daily nonstop round trips to the Mile High City — two from Portland and one from Boise using 70-seat CRJ-700 jets.
Well, like the article in the most recent addition of Airline Pilot magazine states, "You're not a real airline pilot until you've been furloughed". Guess I and many others have now satisfied that requirement.

Below is a copy of the MEC announcement for the furloughs. Hopefully, the part about April furloughs won't happen.

With the 253 additional furloughs, that will make the junior man on the seniority list at UAL #9581 and bring the grand total of furloughees to 844. Guess it could've been worse.


6400 Shafer Ct., Suite 700

Rosemont, IL (847) 292-1700

Tuesday, January 29, 2002
By MEC Communications Chairman Steve Derebey

* System Schedule Committee (SSC) Chairman Jeff Nooger reports
that the company today announced its intent to furlough 253 pilots,
effective March 2, 2002. The company requested that this information not be
made public until today so that it had adequate time to personally contact
each pilot being furloughed.

Many pilots have been questioning why the company has been simultaneously
surplusing, furloughing and announcing vacancy bids. The company originally
reduced flying and block hours and determined it needed fewer pilots as a
result. The company has now re-estimated a higher level of block hours than
originally planned and has reassessed its manpower needs for the summer. As
a result, the number of pilots the company originally intended to furlough
will be greatly reduced. The company has also informed the SSC that there
exists the possibility of one more furlough in April.

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