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More Furloughs at CAL/CALEX

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Prop Trash

Well-known member
Dec 6, 2001
Just when we thought things we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, managment announced today that they are going to eliminate 100 more pilots from the list at Continental. What does this mean? More CAL pilots will be flying more CAL routes in CALEX jets at CALEX pay! That also means that up to 100 additional CALEX pilots will be on the street. When it's all over, said, and done with, 500 CALEx pilots will have been furloughed. My question is - has any other airline in the U.S. furloughed this many pilots? United, Delta, American, Northwest, Eagle, etc.? Does anyone have the numbers?
A very close freind of mine just emailed me to let me know that united is going to lay off between 1500-2000 pilots starting Mar 2002 and finishing up at the end of the year. This does not include the ones already furloughed. He has been with United since 1991. He was a 727 CPT and was sent back to the right seat of the 75/76. He is now going to being sent to the right seat of a A3??. Ya I know he still has a job, but that is a lot of furloughed pilots! God Bless them!
Hey CW, I don't think the question is whether or not another airline has furloughed 500 pilots, I think the question is whether another airline has furloughed 25% of it's pilot force. Good old Gordon, always "Working Together," isn't he? What a prick.
Okay management has made the first move for contract time. Fine then! Will see how Gordo and his slick headed, f/a knocking up self feels when we ground his money ticket. Oh no all the sudden those stickers on every airplane about being a Fortune 500 Best Place to Work won't make for much sense. Don't buy the kool-aid. Any resentment at our pay and treatment at Coex has only been magnified by this b/s they dumped on us. All Gordo talks about is how nicely things are turning around and that profitablity comes back in the 2nd quarter. Well @sshole, I won't forget this come contract time! Work Hard, Fly Right! Shafted Hard, Feels Right!
oh well..

all i got was a class date and that was taken from me. from all the chatting it seemed like people were thinkin that things would improve by the end of the year. oh well!!!
Hopefully come self help time this pilot group will be unified. I know that my expectations for an industry leading contract have increase after this hell that managment has put us through. THIS IS WAR!:mad:

you all seem to think this is some kind of tactic --- have you been out in the system lately,,,I was at Dulles yesterday and no self respecting terrorist would bother. It was empty.

The flights I was on had loads of 90, 35, 49, and 60 passengers on a DC9. Security is such a pain in the -- that who wants to fly at all.
I feel for you guys being furloughed but you can't let yourself be bitter it will eat you up. Use this time to be contructive, use it to build solid relationships, take long walks and do a lot of thinking.There is nothing worse than a pilot getting his/her wings clipped so I would do whatever to get in the air again. Go do something fun, fly Lears, do whatever. Before you know it you'll be getting a recall notice and you'll be back in the saddle again with a greater apprecaition for your job. I always fly a trip like it will be my last and I am going to retire tomorrow. Never take the wonders of flight and being paid for it for granted, just don't let management know you enjoy it so much, or you will be doing it for nothing. Cheers;)

" Jan 3rd the company's load factor was reported as 83.7% MTD as of Jan 2nd, Then from the email on the 4th they reported load factor as of the 3rd as 83.9% MTD. Then todays email showed loads for the 4th as 81.9, the 5th as 87.6 and the 6th as 84.9 %. "

CALs load factors are not the issue. Flights are full and they have spent quite a bit of money buying passengers hotels and meals lately because of oversells. The problem is rooted in the yield. Until ticket prices are raised, profitability requires a very high load percentage.

I am in agreement that this is managements ploy to set themselves up for contract 2K2. They have been announcing a profit expected by the 2nd quarter, stock rose above $30, still continuing deliveries of 51 jets this year. If they show they are making money, share holders are happy, but oh wait, if they show a profit the pilots can expect more money. Well, lets furlough 100 more and we'll tell them we dont have any money to give. This is BULLS**T! They are playing with people's lives. I have been on furlough for 3 months and expected to be back by Sept. which was announced in the CALEX pres' voice mail. Now I will be lucky if I touch an airplane this year. I have an interview coming up and before I said I probably wouldn't take the job. Now, I am not even going to look back. This company has shown its true colors when placed under pressure, they dont car about the employees, they tell you what you want to hear to get the job done. I hope you guys still on property stick it to them and when it gets dirty, I'll be on Smith Street with my sign.
One of my best friends is a furloughed CoEx guy, who was thinking about flinging himself off the roof when he still thought he wasn't going to be recalled 'til October...

Uh-oh, now there's no answer at his house or on his cell phone...

After reading THIS good news, I guess I should swing by his house and remove all the ladders so he can't get up there!!

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