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More ATA ?s

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Well-known member
May 31, 2002
I know that many things have been repeated over and over on this forum and i have run a search but could not find what I was looking for.

1. Most everyone talks about hourly rates but what about benefits? Is there a wait for health insurance or is it DOH? Retirement includes B-plan variable per year but is there a matching for the 401k?

2. Trip pairings. What are the schedules like? How much of the schedule is charter? Min days off?

3. Expansion plans. What does ATA want in five years, or longer?

I have done my homework on alot of things but I can't find these answers anywhere. Thanks again for the info.
Good questions, BigEasy. As an ATA hopefull I'm particularly interested in scheduling info. and how long it will take to hold something on the west coast.
Health insurance is available on DOH. For the first two years, the company pays 65% of the premium. After that the company pays for all of it (including spouse and family).

New "B" fund retirement plan begins January 1, 2003. Company contributions are initially pretty low especially for those with less than six years service, but it's a start. The company pays 60 cents on the dollar for the first 6% of pilot contributions to the 401(k).

Most of 737 and 757 is scheduled flying. Typical two, three and four day pairings. New contract has some language to help make the pairings more commutable. L1011 pairings are bizarre. My last pairing was a five day trip with one leg (8:15) of flying. The other days were spent riding in the back of JAL and Alaska airliners. Minimum days off is twelve per month unless you have a "short call" reserve line. Then the minimum is fourteen days off.

Expansion plans? In the short term, we are still taking delivery of new Boeings. I think about five more for the year. Long term., I'm not sure. The company is expanding its regional airline, Chicago Express. It also commited to a larger military contract, so that may slow the retirement of the L-1011s (and maybe hasten the search for a replacement). Otherwise, I think they'll expand slowly as the economy allows.

Hope this helps some. Maybe ATA75pilot can tell you more about the schedules.

Good luck,

From a 757 perspective....

Mostly domestic scheduled flying which is anywhere from 1 - 5 days in length. A fair amount of red-eye's on the last day of the trip back to Chicago. Lately though there has been some ad-hoc military charter for the 757 as well.

With the large military contract beginning in October I would expect to see a decent portion of the 757 fleet backing up the L10's with the military airlift. I spent my first 2 years here on reserve and flew 75% military related airlift.

Days off on the 757 run from 12 - 19 days. Most days are one or two legs...occasionally three.

Getting a West Coast slot on either the 757 or L10 is going to be tough...mostly senior places. If you are lucky to get a slot as a new-hire then expect to be at the bottom of the list there for a bit.

Expect to see L10 - JFK and 737 - CHI (MDW and ORD are co-terminals) as junior bases. I don't think there are any plans to hire right into the 757...but I could be wrong.

As always...these are only opinions.

Sorry but I was wondering which a/c was larger in relation to capacity the DC10/MD11 or the L1011. The 1011 is one of my favs.
Thanks for the information guys I really do appreciate it. I am on my way to the post office to mail my app. Interesting essay questions like everyone said. Take care and keep the info flowing.

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