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Monthly Chat with Lindsey SWA

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
Well made my monthly chat with Lindsey today (Thanks to BeeVee for the number!) Basicly just an echo of what is posted here. Good to see all the info seems to be coherent. No classes till late summer so no new interviewing. She would not say anything definate and in her cheary attitude sounded hopeful (I sware they are always in a good mood, I need what ever they are putting in the waterfountain!) Sounded like maybe a class in Aug. I applied 17 Nov '01, no type Military and have been tracking interviews. Looks like some guys similar have been interviewed and are in the pool, but applied the 1 NOV '01. I am hopeful I am near the top of the stack or at least in the next months of interviews. Good luck to those of you in the pool and those of you hopefuls like myself

It's called Kool-Aid, dude. And it tastes great, too. I've been drinking it for years. They even put it in the pool here. I'm treading and loving every minute of it. No additional duties, either. No OER's, ORB's, or property book officers. They just want you to FTFA "Fly the fantastic airplane", be excellent to each other, and win customers so SWA can continue to grow and hire more ex-helo guys.
Sounds like what I want!

*runs out and buys a super size Sugar sweetened KoolAid*

Sounds great! No training meetings, staff call, or anything? Always always FTFA first! Glad your loving it. Hope I get a chance to love it too! *feels the LUV*

I'm right there with ya - just waiting for the chance to jump in the pool! All we need to do is convince SWA to pull some of these prunes out of the pool and make way for some fresh meat.

See you in DAL for the interview. :cool:

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