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Well-known member
Mar 19, 2002
Our company is aquiring a Citation X. We are operating under FAR part 91. I would like to have the MMEL for the aircraft approved by the time our aircraft arrives from the factory.

I would like to talk to any Citation X operators that could help me with a few questions about the process. I am writing a letter to the local FISDO. They require certain information on how you are going to handle the "O" operational items and "M" items of the MEL.

I would appreciate any info !! Please send me a email and I will try to get in touch with you.

The process is the same from aircraft to aircraft. You are starting the first step, writting the FSDO. In our FSDO here all they do is write us a letter authorizing us to use the MMEL as our MEL. But the corporate operators I have talked to all have written a regualr MEL.

The (O) procedures are simply the procedures the flight crew will follow to operate with that item inop. And you develop those yourself. The (M) procedures are the procedures that maintenance uses to secure that inop item. Those are developed in conjunction with the maintenance manual. The procedure is pretty much straight forward. The FAA website has links to
the 8400.10 (The Air Carrier Inspector's Handbook) and the 8700.10 ( The General Aviation Inspector's Handbook) . These documents can give you a great deal of guidance.

If you need any answers please e-mail me.

Good luck with your new airplane.
Get ahold of a copy of AC 91-67. You can get it at the faa website. It is the bible for obtaining a Part 91 MEL Letter of Authorization. The MMEL is obtainable at www.opspecs.com.

I just finished obtaining the LOA to use an MEL in our Challenger under Pt 91.

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