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Misdemeanors, DUI, Reckless Driving

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May 18, 2002
I have read several posts on other topics regarding DUI's etc. Regarding the coporate flight departments, how much different are things like DUI's. Wreckless Driving, excessive speeding tickest etc. (not all together on one record) but on an individual basis, one time offense? If you have something like this, do you explain it early in the interview process? Or hope like heck that you can get it expunged prior to your interview?

Just want some feedback. I know that it cant be a good thing. But can it be overcome for employment purposes?

be careful.

I would feel out the outfit, but many today are as strict as the airlines when it comes to these offenses. Wealthy companies could be exposed to huge liability if a pilots background is tainted.

thorough fingerprint, background, and DMV checks are the norm.

A DUI, even after hired, is grounds for suspension - or more likely...rehab and monitoring!...

the old days are gone..

my advice, just be honest from the get-go. things that happened way in the past and aren't on record anymore can be overlooked easily if the rest of the package is good....but a lie is immediate grounds for "SEE YA"..

good luck!
We got a pilot from an acquisition, he got arrested for DUI his first week on the job. We never had anyone get a DUI before so there was no policy on it. He got it reduced to reckless driving and spent a weekend in jail. If he had been convicted of DUI he would have been fired, but I guess reckless driving was ok. Of course they made a policy to cover future DUI arrests, immediate firing if you get one. You would have to pass a criminal background check to be hired, so we would not hire someone with any type of conviction on their record.

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