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Military multiplier for EJA application

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Hugh Jorgan

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Any military types out there who can tell me how they want you to use the 1.2 multiplier? The directions only talk about it under the PIC time block. Is it only to be applied to PIC time? Also, is it 1.2 times the amount of time you have, or is it like FedEx where they want you to add .2 to every sortie. Thanks

When I sent mine in, after discussing it with several new hires from my unit, I applied it across the board. As in ME FW time 500*1.2=600. Total time 3800*1.2=4560. I received the now standard, "you meet our requirements and we'll call you for an interview when we have a slot" letter in December.

My instruction sheet just said "military time may be adjusted using a 1.2 factor" without limiting it in any way, so if your application just says "PIC" time they may have changed their policy. Read carefully and call HR if you have any questions.


I agree with Skiddriver, (can't believe I said that :) ) I did exactly what Skid did and so did 3 others from my unit that are all flyin the line now so....I think your OK across the board.

The important thing I think is to meet the mins and be able to talk about what/why you did what you did in the interview, just don't make it look like you're trying to BS them.


No one likes us....unless the zone is hot... ;)

Besides, think of all the excellent flight hours you got doing "cobra down in the field" maintenance recovery ops.


P.S. Good luck at the interview, ask 'em why they haven't called me yet.

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