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Mil Leave of Absence

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Active member
Jan 12, 2004
Do you guys know what the rules are for longevity pay with respect to Mil LOAs? Will I come back at the same year I left or will my years away count towards the longevity payscale as well? Is it airline specific or do the rules apply across the board?

Thanks in advance.....
Short answer: When you come back, it will be like you never left. While on leave, you still gain pay longevity, and seniority as you would have normally. Federal law.
Thanks, grunt. That's what I was hoping for. I've been hearing that while seniority continues, longevity pay may not. Is there a good website I could look at that links the Fed laws governing these rules?
Concur with MarineGrunt and Mamma....longevity increases and 401k payout, but not until you return from mil leave.
Great to know, fellas....thanks for the words........That USERRA site is great.....lots of good info and point of contacts.........

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