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microsoft flight sim2002

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Here we go STEELERS!!
Dec 6, 2001
I have never used a PC flight sim. does Microsoft flt. sim. 2002 give an accurate simulation of IFR approaches. If not, is there another PC sim program out there that will (under $100)
I'm not currently flying the real thing so I thought I would fly around on my computer to keep from getting so rusty.
Flight sim

Used FS 2000 to help prep for instrument, and found it fairly useful for scan and procedures. Also used IP Trainer (ASA) quite a bit. That one is a bit pricey and after you are rated, a bit basic as it is only a C-172, no flaps, no prop, gear, no GPS, autopilot, etc. However its based on ASA's On Top program, which I would think would be very useful (though I think its a little over $100). On Top has many different aircraft, so Im sure you have some complex, GPS-equipped, etc.

Fly Safe!

FS2002 is a great trainer. the flight sim world is very big, there are many web sites out there. FS2002 or any other microsoft family simulators are great trainers. you can go to www.flightsim.com they have great downloads, different airplanes, from 152 to 747. there is also another web site that is a download for flight sim its called sqwuak box. people are registered for this at some people are controllers others are pilots. you can fly from O'Hare to Miami with ATC real time from another person on a computer. they do approaches, vectors you even have to file a flight plan, all regs apply, from 250 IAS below 10k, and the correct altitudes when your above fl290. there web site is www.vatsim.net if you go to these web sites and click on the links you can go to many web sites. i do agree that FS2002 is a great purchase and a great trainer, but you can have a lot of fun with it too. hope this helps.
ASA on top 7.0 around $ 110 .00

I use ASA on top 7.0 the only problem is the yoke is very sensitive so i use the altitude hold a lot more than I really want . The good thing is you can view your flights afterward and see just how good your approaches ., holds , procedure turns and such are after( even doinfg a replay of the procedures .
You can't beat FS2002. They now have the IFR panels down 100%, real world weather updates from Jeppeson, virtual atc, and amazing scenery. They have every airport and every approach in there, and more airplanes available for download that you could imagine. Where else could u try to land the 747 on the Nimitz aircraft carrier?
I saw on the fs2002 website that they have a regular edition and a professional edition. The difference in the price is about $30. Is there a big difference in the software?
fs 2000 pro does the job well

get the fs 2000 pro and use it to get your scan up to speed
i use it every day to shoot one approach from the jepp door stop
for the great state of texas

anyway get a sim with a good panel and

1) practice flying a imaginary 1 min square every day
zeo tolerence
2) for another ten mins fly a the same square partial panel

3) practice as many appraoches as you can

tape the 5 t'schecklist to your monitor and talk to yourself thoughout
as if you are teacing yourself you will save at least 1500 bucks on your training also once your training starts practice before you leave and after your lessons
good luck
Thanks, but I already have my instrument rating. I just miss flying the ERJ and am looking for a sim that's realistic.
if you go to www.flightsim.com they just added for free a download of the ERJ 135/145 panel, you can download the plane there too, they have pretty much evry ERJ paint scheme, from COEX, to American eagle, but FS2002 is a great game and youll enjoy because of the fact that you can download the specefic plane you fly.

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