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MET Question

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Hope this helps a bit

Katiabatic winds

A wind that is created by air flowing downhill. When this air is warm, it may be called a foehn wind, and regionally it may be known as a Chinook or Santa Ana. When this air is cold or cool, it is called a drainage wind, and regionally it may be known as a mountain breeze or glacier wind.

Anabatic winds are winds that are created by air flowing uphill. Valley breezes, produced by local daytime heating, are an example of these winds

Adiabatic process

A thermodynamic change of state in a system in which there is no transfer of heat or mass across the boundaries of the system. In this process, compression will result in warming and expansion will result in cooling.
As the air asends, it cools at 5.5 degrees F./1000 feet until it condenses. After condensation, the cooling effect is retarded to about 3 degrees F./1000 feet. On the way back down the other side (We're assuming a mountain range) the air is warmed at 5.5 all the way down, resulting in warmer air going down than on the way up. (Katabatic)
As a side note, the process described above is the basis of the Air Cylcle machine used for cooling in turbine aircraft.

Flyboy, perhaps you should buy a good weather book. This information isn't obscure if you have the right place to look. I have over a dozen books on weather. Weather science, flight planning, weather flying (also the title of the Bob Buck classic), weather avoidance, weather reporting, this list goes on. All are valuable. Start your collection today.
I guess that I didn't define it as much as explain. Oops. I hope it helped, though.

Guys, Thank you very much for your fast reply. I knew it at some point in time, however it was driving me insane not being able to remember it.

I hope I can reciprocate in the near future.

Happy Landings.
"Katabatic" indicates winds strong enough to pick up cats and hurl them into contortions which appear acrobatic in nature. Katabatic also refers to an unsuccessful device used to keep felines out of garbage containers, designed in the late 1920's.

"Adiabatic" are winds which are selling something. Ignore them and they will go away.

A "foehn wind" is a wind from another country. Any foehn winds without a greencard or legitimate passport are presently being forced by higher pressure to leave the country.

"Chinook" winds are primarily from alaska, and blow strong enough to carry fish, and occasionally helicopters with a dual rotor system. They can be charactarized by the ability to rain parts and scales.

"Santa Ana" winds origionate primarily in California, and are characterized by carrying and raining down large quantities of Oranges and Mexicans. On rare occasions, these winds spawn storms which rain orange mexicans.

"Drainage" winds occur when three or more toilets are simultaneously flushed in the same apartment building at any given time. This causes a rushing of air into the apartment building which is characterized as adequate to lift two or more blue wigs from the heads of persons at least past the age of seventy.

"Mountain breeze" is a household carpet deodorizer best characterized as being effective on pet odors but lacking the strength to properly address tobacco smells. I believe it was also an obscure John Denver album.

"Glacier wind" is a cologne and aftershave designed especially with short bald people in mind, with bad skin and poor social skills. (In my experience, it works like a charm).

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me. It's late, I need sedatives, and all the stores are closed.
AvBug, that needs to be in YGTBSM! Really funny!

you forgot "monkey wind" , which is....ah....well it's self explanatory now isn't it?

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