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Mesaba to Purchase FLYI


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Nov 14, 2005
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Okay, got your attention. But think about it. Mesaba sponsored (nice way to say funded, SF340 guys, where did your air-carts go?) and started Airtran. We fund Big Sky, (rather we override their loses). We won the continental bid but lost the continental flying to Colgan because we don't have a 50 seat turboprop. Now our President has publicly spoken to the fact that he is looking (and the ASA allows it) for more flying outside of NWA. (And are we really dumb enough to believe that they aren't looking for other avenues of revenue?) No, we won't take over FLYI routes, but FLYI is looking to unload assets in an auction. MAIR, where is that investment going? Is there a possibility of picking up cheap leases on aircraft coming out of service? (Where else would NWA get them?) Will NWA allow EMB jets on their certificate or will Mesaba expand their certificate with other aircraft at another Major? Has Mesaba's biggest problem been that they have never expanded outside of NWA? Our SLT has basically suggested that. So, with all that and a Chapter 11, why not? Why not pick up cheap leases sponsered by another carrier? (No, I have no suggestions on who). They have done it before, they will do it again. In the long run, it profits MAIR, not Mesaba Airlines. Stay tuned, same Mesaba channel, same Mesaba place.



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Mar 17, 2002
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ImBatman said:
Okay, got your attention.

It takes a special kind of tool to post a false subject line like that.

We won the continental bid but lost the continental flying to Colgan because we don't have a 50 seat turboprop.

Uhhh... neither does Colgan.


Outlasted two companies
Nov 30, 2003
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I think that it is more likely that Skywest would buy FLYI. I know that Jerry Atkins has been considering flying narrow bodies under his own colors for quite some time.

Another possibility is that someone might buy the RJ fleet or the Airbus options only. The cash from that sale would keep the company afloat, hopefully until things turn around.


Nov 7, 2004
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XJET is buying the Buses didnt you hear that. We got big bucks in the bank for just the occasion!! You heard it here first.