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mesaba interview

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Jul 26, 2005
Am lucky enough to be granted an interview by mesaba here on friday and feel about as adequately prepared as I can be, any last minute detail oriented/pitfalls that people have seen/done on interviews? There's always the TMAAT questions/drunk capt questions that seen pretty subjective, are they looking for anything in particular on those, or just looking for your problem solving techniques/skills?? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
I was asked quite a few TMAAT questions. I think they use these to find out what kind of crew experience you have in addition to other things. Most of my flying had been single pilot, so all of my answers had to come from outside of aviation. Don't know if this hurt or not.
If you haven't already done so, visit www.aviationinterviews.com for the latest and most complete interview gouge. Free and simple registration.

Also, if they ask you in the interview which aircraft you want to fly: the Avro, CRJ or Saab? Where do u want to be based? What are you going to say? :cool: (Hint: it's a trick question) Your answer may have alot of weight on getting hired.

Lets just say a few people have quit on the first day of school after learning they were not going to be flying a Shiny Jet.
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Tell 'em you want to fly the Saab. More money per month and more days off. If they won't hire you because you are financially responsible, tell them that airline management is definately their calling.
As T-Handle said check out aviatiointerviews.com. I interviewed there a couple of weeks ago and the information is very accurate. They make you feel very relaxed. The technical and HR is alot of TMAAT and how would you handle a situation, etc. There is alot of waiting so feel free to talk to the people there is training. They were all very helpful and nice. Good Luck and pm me if you have any specific questions.
If you see a pilot with a beer in his hand........ever........call the C.P. immediately....no matter what the circumstances.
Dodge said:
If you see a pilot with a beer in his hand........ever........call the C.P. immediately....no matter what the circumstances.

except if one is in your hand as well.
I've been to aviationinterviews and willflyforfood and got most of the gouges. As far as the aircraft/domicile question, what would be an appropriate answer? Saab? To me, it really doesnt' matter. I have not and will not be infected with the SJS disease as most call it. If I get the jet, fine, the saab or the avro, fine, no problems. It all about paying dues. The drunk captain question seems to be a favorite, my thoughts are possible have him call in sick and delay the trip?? or could you take it anonymously to the union and try to help the captain out??
I think you should tell him/her that you don't care what a/c it is, just as long as the damn FMS works. Last a/c we flew we had to go through all the trouble of taking the zip-tie off the breaker, then taking the damn FMS out and plugging it in ourselves. Not to mention having to explain to ATC that we aren't /A today we can go direct DRESR.

Just kidding kiddies, don't get your panties in a bunch. Just remember to turn off your computer after a night at the bars so you don't leak the secrets of the box.
What I'm trying to say is (what interviewers probably want to hear) you don't care which aircraft or where you're based. They don't want to hear you demanding the jet in MSP or CVG. Trust me, applicants have literally come in and said they will only take the jet in xyz domicle...... Thanks, Have a nice day! :p Basically, have the mindset that you are lucky for being called in for an interview. Don't be a 1000TT C-172 jackhole that deserves the CRJ.

You may be able to be infected with SJS at other regionals that don't have turboprops and jets but not at Mesaba.

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