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Mesa relaity check!!!

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Jan 28, 2002
Mesa Pilots! Be sure to read the thread titled: "Continued US Airways Folly" which is posted in this forum. There you will read the verbatim transcript of the incredibly bad deal that the Airways MEC has proposed, and that your MEC Chariman (and ALPA Executive Vice President) Andy Hughes is seriously considering! You people have hundreds on furlough, and Hughes is thinking of advocating that you take this lousy deal He has obviously been chuggin the ALPA National kool-aid. It may also interest you to know that NOT ONE Airways code share regional is on board. Not one (that includes not only the wholly owned carriers, but Trans States, and Chataqua (sp) as well). Everyone knows it sucks.

Read the crap contained in the above referenced thread, then call your LEC rep immediately. Ask him or her where Hughes stands. Find out how much of a darn he gives for your pilots on furlough. See if he has the balls to tell his handlers at ALPA National to take a hike, or is he just a water boy for Duane Woerth, Chris Beebe, Bill Pollock, and commuter-hater Kelly Ison.

You should call the Airway's MEC's fantasy hotline at 800-367-2572 and hear them lie about their code share partners interest in their one way deal. Listen to them deliberately decieve their membership, and attempt to mislead management. What a barrel of monkeys!

Airways is aviation's answer to the Titanic. And now their senior pilots want you to supply their junior pilots lifeboats, and lock you in steerage. Why not let them go out of business? Then everyone else can take their routes!
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Captain Hughs was the original author of this proposal. He wrote it and offered it to the US Air MEC long before 9/11. The original proposal included the following items:

1. US Air would drop their grievance and give scope relief to Mesa for the CRJ 700 and 900 aircraft for operation under the HP codeshare.

2. Mesa is currently contracted to fly 32 50 seat ERJ's for U, but has firm orders for 36 and options for 64. With this agreement, delivery of the additional 4 and an excercise of the opitons would be assured, and an additional order would be likely.

3. Furloughed U pilots would fly everything above the original 32 until they are recalled to mainline. As they are recalled, the vacated postions are filled by Mesa pilots.

4. The U pilots would be fenced to the ERJ U code share operation, and would work under Mesa payrates and workrules while holding dual seniority. They would not be permitted to work anywhere else in the system.

I'm sure there was much more to the original proposal than this, but I did not get to read it. My information is word or mouth and is from the source, as related to the membership in a union meeting. I think most of us do not like it, however, we did not have a say so in the proposal. I hope we get to speak before it is implemented although I think it's too late.
Happy to inform that 92 pilots at Mesa was recalled today. Brings approx 120 of Mesas 300 furloughed pilots now recalled. The rest of them should be back ( hopefully ) when the rest of the 32 erj's are delivered and with the beginning of delivery of the 700 and 900.
U mec has control to decide if Mesa operate the 700/900 under AWA express or not. Unless a change in U's scoopes is reached, Mesa will have to operate them under a different company / certificate ( Freedom Airlines ) and Mesa's CEO has made it clear it will not be a ALPA carrier. There are good reasons to belive that other airplanes ( CRJ's ) will be transfered to Freedom Air as well. This might be the most important item for us at Mesa to consider.
Add to it the current events at CCair, the fact that our pay-check at Mesa is getting smaller every month and "quality" of life is down the drain. that Mesas contract is expired and is supposed to be negotiated, makes it a easy choise for me to let U management and U mec work out a FINAL LOA before / if calling my ALPA rep.
Beware of Hughes. He is most likely an agent of ALPA's national organization, and will be trying to further his political career at your expense (in the form of accepting the crappy US Air rj deal).

Don't forget what happened at Eagle... a lousy 16 year deal and jobs at main line for the negotiators. Huges will get the same at ALPA if he gets you to sign on to the US Air deal.

Ask him his opinion on the issue, then you be the judge.
What strikes me as so odd about this, AMA, and other mainline proposals is that scope was suposidly the most important thing to preserve the industry. Remember all of the posts by the mainline guys on how important scope was to preserve the industy and how carefully crafted they were by financial gurus, and how us regional guys were lacking serious scope to get ahead in the industry? Now that the scope plans and the furlough protection clauses did not work (as predicted over 7-10 months ago on PB by several of us), mainline MEC's have no problem relaxing the scope for their advantage. Does this mean when things improve that the scope clauses will return to normal? I think not. I guess another way of putting it is that they want our cake and eat it to.
Dont get me wrong, I fully believe that all of the furloughed mainline guys should be brought into the WO's or in Mesa's case, preferential hiring. Who knows, maybe it is a sign that ALPA is slowly changing with the times.
As for "no union on the property" does anyone know how a company like Freedom Air or Sky West can keep a union from forming? Can the company mandate it? If pilots vote it in, can the company stop it? Thanks?
I think you MESA and WO guys should just staple the Airways furloughees on the bottom of your lists. If more regional jets come, then let them work their way up the ranks like everyone else, (don't forget that they think they are better pilots than you are). Who are they to think that they can just barge in and take your prime jobs?

The fact of the matter is that the B737 I fly is easier to fly than the prop you fly. And at the flight levels, my big worry is figuring out how much coffee to drink so I'll stay awake on a leg from LA to NY. Most of the captains I fly with can't even fly ground track manuvers any more. They are more concerned with getting their eyes lifted, and viagra prescriptions refilled.
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Well...psyops, Mesa pilots has to balance a final offer, if we ever receive one, between whats offered and what we have to give in return. Realistcally, by that time most of our furloughs are ( hopefully ) back on line. While other companies hope for USAirways downfall ( so they can pick up the profitable routes ), I can not see any advantages of loosing our best co-share.
Don't fear Grasshopper...

US Air may die, but you will survive. You don't need to kiss their guilded, (and partially unemployed) arse.
Do not think there will be any arse kissing. Just a decition based on what is in best interrest for Mesa. ( That is if we where to get an offer for additional expantion at all.....)

What is a "prop" anyway?

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