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Mesa Bases

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With regards to the CRJ, I would say that ORD, IAD and BNA are all going junior right now. I'd bet on getting ORD or IAD (just bigger bases)...BNA has a few new hires, but it's rather small.
Buddy that works there, (that wants IAD) tells me that it's going senior as hell with the PHL closure. He's wanted to bid IAD FO and can't hold it b/c of the CLT closure. So it's ORD (super junor) and BNA (sorta junior).
PHX senior... over a year to put a foot in the door.
BNA fairly senior but you can get there and sit reserve
IAD becoming more senior with time.
ORD junior as hell. New hire training ground hahaha

that's all crj
Mesa has labor trouble! But its OK, they all stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. And their CEO has been abducted by ALPAliens and was replaced by me, his much tastier & less filling clone... Developing story. ALL MESA BASE ARE BELONG TO ME!

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