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Mesa 1900's in PA

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May 2, 2002
Anyone out there have info on Mesa Be-1900 routes in western Pa.

What is typicall first year FO/ Captain pay? How long for upgrades? What is commuting like? What are the trips like?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
All I know is that those routes are flown by AirMidwest a part of MESA Air Group. Don't know much about them.

I heard a someone talking in PIT though that they lost thier contract with USAirways. Anybody able to confirm that? I didn't mean all of MESA, just Air Midwest.
I am a former AMW... Left about 14 months ago...

Rates THEN were $18.15 per hour 70 hr guar w/9 days off (reserve was 8)
Captain I think was about $29.00

Upgrade WAS basically based on time 1500TT, I saw guys upgrade right after completing FO training. Generally though it was about 6 months back then. I doubt it will be that quick again.

this web address will give some info...


the website info on contract compensation is old... They got a raise to industry standard in Dec of 2000.

the domicile list is a little dated as some bases have since closed.

Commuting was impossible, all trips are out and backs with the exception of a handful of domiciles, I think CLT is one of the few that are trips. Try doing a 3 day trip in a 1900, you will understand why out and backs are nice!

Back then... scheduling liked to give you an AM trip on the FIRST day of 5 or 6 days of duty and a PM trip on the LAST day of duty. Basically, you could not commute without losing a 1/2 day on each end.

PIT is mostly reserve, and most other bases have at least 1-2 reserve lines. The nice part is that most bases have at the most 10-12 guys, so it can be a nice "family atmosphere" and most guys crash together. Downside is many of the domiciles are one horse towns, and on the off days when you cannot commute out (2 days off) there is little or nothing to keep you occupied.

Regardless, plan on 14 or better duty days with anywhere from 4 hours to 7 hours of flying, and per diem was a whopping $1.00 per hour.

Back then, an average line in the NE was about 70-75 hrs with 10-11 days... FL, AZ, NM domiciles generally had 85+ lines with 12 better off. Reserves could get 8 days off, and a line holder could get junior manned to 8 days off too.

Note: They are in contract negioations, and I don't know how it is going, but with J.O. at the helm I would guess it is not too pretty and a strike would not surprise me.
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