Meigs to stay open for 25 years?


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Dec 1, 2001
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Please don't hold your breath, but I think that the deal might finally be done to keep open Meigs for another 25 years. But, if it is, get out the champagne!

As an active member of the Friends of Meigs Field, I want to thank everyone of you that has contributed to this effort. Your letter campaign to the Governor and Daley has helped incredibly.

Hopefully, this is finally a done deal. But the work is not over. We need to keep the pressure on to ensure that the airport is properly promoted, has better operating hours, realistic fees, and is properly managed. We would also like to see a resumption in scheduled air service to more cities not just SPI.

Lastly, this could not have happened without the time spent, let alone personal wealth spent by Steve Whitney, President of the Friends of Meigs Field.

Thank you.


Nov 28, 2001
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To Muc
Amen to that!
All it took was a serious threat to tie up Daley's beloved legacy making O'Hare expansion. Guess he'd prefer that to a lakefront casino.
Way to go FOMF and the State of IL.

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