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Medical Exam at Netjets

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Yeah, there's a med exam. rather thourough and about the most intense one I've had in quite some time although the military vets say it's about the same level as a military exam. You get a new 1st class out of it but there is a LOT more than a standard FAA med in it. The glucose tolerance test catches a lot of folks for incipient diabetes. You drink this horrible sort of orange flavored drink, wait 2 hours and they check for blood sugar. A bunch of other stuff including full blood chem. and the dreaded finger :)

Did anyone ever get a reply from the doctor like test results.

I never got any so i figured no news was good news.

Yeah, I got a copy of the blood test results. A bunch of it is useful info, cholesterol, psa, and all that other blood stuff with any out of "normal" range results flagged plus a score on susceptibility for CHD (coronary heart disease?). I guess I passed cause I still have the job. A guy I went to sim training with had been hired last October and got caught in the glucose test as having diabetes. He went thru an extensive ordeal to recover his medical (on med leave from NJ) before finally getting it back and continuing.

Hey guys,

It is NOT an elimination physical. If something pops up, they will give you as much time as you need to get things taken care of. You are HIRED on the first day of indoc, so don't sweat the physical.

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Like Gump says, don't sweat the medical. It is VERY thorough, for your own good, not for elimination. A friend of mine in the training dept told me a true story about a newhire and the physical. His results turned up early stages of cancer, the company bought him an airline ticket and checked him into the mayo clinic for treatment. It was all covered by the company and his job was waiting for him when he got the "fit to fly" from the docs.
As a NetJets pilot, you can choose who does your medicals and get reimbursed for them twice a year. (EKG included if you need one.) However, if you want the "newhire" physical, you just have to call the company and they will schedule it for you and pay the bill once per year.
They really don't want to hose you...

gump88 and JBL are correct. The Netjets hew hire physical is quite
thorough, but the company is not trying to "weed you out" at this
point. When I was hired, we had a retired USAF guy who was quite
overweight (and a borderline diabetic) in my indoc class. The company
worked with him, got him the medical and diet help he needed, and
once he was 100% fit to fly, put him in the cockpit. He's been with
the company more than 5 years at this point, so I guess he cleaned
up his lifestyle act.

Oh yeah....you can COUNT on the dreaded finger. Yuck.

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