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Medical Disqualification?

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If the Army Surgeon General gives you a DQ does it apply to all branches across the board?

It depends. Believe it or not the different services have the slightly different standards. What DQs you for the Army many not do so for a different branch.

What I would not do is go to a different branch and try to hide that you were DQed from the Army. Tell them what the issue was and see if they accept it or it can be waivered.
I'm really upset about all this because I've been fighting for almost a year and a half to get in.
Does anyone know how the Navy is for flight officers?

Medically DQ'ed for flight school and Medically DQ'ed for entry into military service are two different things. If the Army is barring you from enlistment (not flight school) on medical grounds that is something you must disclose to the Navy since it is a direct question on your application.

Applications for entry into flight training are approved separately by each services aviation medicine branch. Navy flight physicals must be approved by NOMI. If you take a flight physical for the Navy and NOMI approves it it doesn't matter what the Army's flight physical approving authority told you on a previous physical.

Just be up front about everything and go from there. I will also add that the regulations for each service pretty well spell out what can be waived and what can't. You can do a google search and you will find that all branches of the service have their aviation medicine manuals posted online in .pdf format. Don't forget just because something can be waived means it will be waived. An extreme example would be that there are guys who lost legs in combat and still fly, but that doesn't mean a person missing a leg and coming in off the street would get a waiver for the "having all your limbs" requirement
I'll try that avenue, but I think its safe to assume that the Army Surgeon General ruling will apply to any branch.
Not always. I was NPQ'ed from flying for the AF and the navy gave me a pilot slot. Just depends on whats going on. The navy needs NFO's, and can give a medical wavier for just about anything. Get in and talk to a recruiter, see if you can get ahold of somebody at NOMI in Pcola. They have the final say for all medical matters.
I tried calling the Officer Recruting office in South FL looks like it's right outside Miami. I think that would be a good route to go right? I looked at the Army's pdf for the medical side and I was given a 3 in upper extremities. A 3 says I have major restrictions and cannot do any job enlisted/officer. It's funny because after my arm healed I've had more mobility in it than ever before. Never had an issue with it and doesn't affect my current flying abilities. Very upsetting to say the least.

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