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MEA question

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Well-known member
Apr 3, 2005
Your on a airway, you've been cleared to for 5000 feet as filed etc. The mea is 6000 feet and your in radar contact, you know that you are safe obstacle wise. Are you safe? Is it legal? I believe the airway I'm refering to is in New York with a MEA of like 9 or 12000 feet. What do you do in this case? Ask for higher?
Remember MEAs are for nav reception and obstacle clearance. If you are positive you have obstacle clearance (the whole VFR sectional thing) then all you have to worry about is nav reception, in the case of GPS then no biggie.

I would still query ATC to be sure though. It has happened that ATC forgets about you and leaves you low on the airway.

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