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Mary Schiavo is an idiot

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Morning Wood

Well-known member
Dec 16, 2001
When are the media going to quit giving this woman a platform
from which to speak? Yesterday she was being interviewed
about this latest incident and she was telling the whole
world what constitutes a profile passenger. Why not just
tell any potential terriorist what NOT to do to be
successful? I wonder how the FAA and the airlines like
having their security guidelines given out to the public.
I'm suprized anyone still listens to her. Scary Mary is one of the worst things that could have happend to the aviation industry. She's a private pilot with a law degree, which is a very dangerous combination. I hope people call and write the networks she shows up on to complain about her.
The more people complain about her the more the media loves her. Don't forget that the purpose of the media isn't to inform; but to make money. Just like we were taught in fourth grade recess, if you don't like somebody just ignore them.

BTW if you haven't read Scary Mary's book, Flying Blind, Flying Safe, I recommend it, if only to gain some insight into how she thinks. If she weren't such an alarmist she might actually get some results. She's a bit lacking in common sense.
"You know why they call it the tombstone agency?..." Blah Blah Blah. She's an idiot and uses the same stupid lines over and over again. We as pilots need to continue to inform the public and tell them to ignore the crap the media churns out.
Never forget, she told the public in Time magazine not to fly on ATR's or EMB-120's after the Roselawn and Carrolton crashes. Her keen mind didn't grasp that the causes of both accidents had been fixed.
What did they fix on the E120? Last I heard they were going to enhance the icing speeds but I don't know if it was implemented. The Brakillya just doesn't like cold weather. I wouldn't either if I was a sexy product from Brazil;)
I have had it with her as well. All her interviews are obviously scripted. I would like to see her go on Howard Stern cold turkey after I have briefed Howard on her background as a so-called aviation expert ! Why doesn't she go on a program which will allow people to call in with questions, like Larry King Live.
On the EMB-120, it wasn't what they fixed, but what they un-fixed.

The Brunswick crash was caused by a change to the hardening processes used when the prop governor torque tube was rebuilt. After the crash, Ham Standard went back to the original, more expensive process.

The Carrolton crash was caused by a change to the rebuilding process of the blades (they had quit shot-peening the taper bore). After the crash, the contractors involved went back to shot peening.

After Detroit, changes were made to the flight operations procedures published by Embraer to emphasize higher speeds and cleaner wings in ice, and ice detectors were installed. The EMB-120 has had more ice research done on it (including flights behind the "water pumper" at Edwards) than any aircraft other than maybe the ATR.

In other words, to condemn aircraft for crashes when the causes were found and fixed is silly. She did NOT mention the 737, which STILL has rudder problems, for instance. It was insulting to me, as I was on EMB-120s at the time, and had to explain to my wife that I was not about to die....
are you sure the EMB-120 and ATR icing problems have been fixed? I read about an EMB-120 upset in florida and an ATR upset in STL in just the pasy year. The EMB stalled and rolled and lost 10,000 feet, the ATR had an uncommanded roll on the ils. Any comments?? I have not flown either one. On the Be1900 we dont have these problems.

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