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So Mark now has his SIC Type Rating and can fly for Gulfstream?
I am curious who approved this idea. I bet there are going to be some pissed off business travelers if this "guy" starts goofing off on the PA during the flight.
Yeahhhhh....30 days on the Tran.....sounds like my schedule last month. He probably won't be messing around with the FA's working stand ups. They'll rip off his arm and beat him with it.
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Mark to Bob: "Would you ever stay on an airplane for an entire month?"

Bob: (long pause with arms folded - does not look amused) "No, I think it's insane".

Bob Whittenberg is one of the better guys in the training center, I really enjoyed some of his VPT sessions. Serious when he needs to be, laid back the rest of the time.

I did like the landing in the first video... one hell of a sink rate they had there, "Nice and easy"... (taws - VERY fast) "50-40-20-10"... WHAM! THEN you hear the stabilizer in motion aural. LOL - nice and easy... riiiiight.

Hope he's not allowed to do P.A.'s... can you imagine? What a nightmare this guy is going to be for the FA's. *sigh* Wonder if he makes it through the entire month without getting kicked off for hitting on them excessively.
Does this guy stay on the plane when its parked for the overnight? Does someone have to stay with him or what? Can't imagine the TSA letting him stay by himself. But who knows, crazier things have happened( just can't imagine the TSA having a sense of humor).

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