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March 2oth class date at Chicago Express

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Nov 28, 2001

I am looking for anyone that has a class date for the 20th of March. If you could please pm because I want to find out where are people going to stay while in class at MDW.

additional classes???

Hey all.....
Question for you fellow Chicago Express poolies...any word on classes beyond the March 20th class??
I was placed in the pool at the end of February, but haven't received word on a class date yet. Any heads up would be appreciated!
I know a girl who totally screwed up on her sim ride at chicago express. However, the female evaluator liked her so she wrote a recommandation letter and not only got her hired but got her in march 20th class. Not fair for all of you who are in the pool waiting for class dates.
I don't think spreading rumors about someone is the right thing to do.(my opinion) I am still in the pool waiting for a date. If indeed someone busted a sim ride but still got hired is somewhat irrelevant now..we all have to prove ourselves once we go IOE. For those of us, like myself still waiting, we will get our class date soon enough.
How in the World did you guys/gals even get an interview. I have sent them my resume to their headquarters 3 times in the last year and wrote a personal letter 2 weeks ago begging for an interview along with leaving messages. Am I doing the application wrong or what. How did you folks get that interview?


Just e-mailed and faxed my resume/cover letter in late January. I got a call 1-2 wks later to set up an interview. Keep at it. They are a great company.
Persistance pays off!
Good Luck


I know a guy who was interviewed by Skyway and he did terrible in the sim eval. He had never, ever been in any kind of a sim. His freinds called the sim evaluator and he was passed.

I went to an airline interview, and followed EXACTLY the paperwork procedure I was given in the printed instructions, to find out, during the interview, that I was wrong and they wanted it done in a way other than what their printed instructions said. Too bad for me.

I know of an excellent female pilot (she would've been a great fighter pilot) who was not allowed to try for a fighter because, at that time, women weren't allowed to fly in combat.

This some woman, and several others, were then forced to fly combat missions into Iraq during the Gulf War in non-combat aircraft. If the crew was all male, they logged combat time. If the crew had at least one female in it, they didn't log combat time as females weren't allowed to fly combat missions.

I know of a woman who's boss told her that he wouldn't promote females, and if she didn't like it, she could quit, and to get the hell out of his office and not bother him about it again.

I know of other women who have been forced to s*** their supervisors d**** to keep their jobs.

I personally know of a number of people who've been sexually abused by their family members.

I've been turned down for >10 jobs because I wasn't female. My wife has been screwed over in the working world several times because she wasn't a male.

I read about an American citizen from India (a Hindu) who was lynched recently because the stupid criminals didn't understand that a Hindu headress was different from a Muslim one.

I know that there are thousands of black Americans who are discriminated against every day.

In our area, the American Indians and the Hmongs (a people from SE Asia that fought for us during the Vietnam war) take a lot of crap. In fact there was recently a Hmong youngster who was murdered when he was thrown off the top of a parking garage here by local Caucasian youths just because he was different.

Life isn't fair.

If you don't get the job, try again and again. If you think you were better qualified than someone else who got the job, all you can do is try again.

Get over it, get on with your life, and do the best you can!!!


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