Maj Matt Mason: Tool Boy


Nov 28, 2001
Total Time
Major Mason: Thanks for the warm wishes. Can't wait until you try to apply--you may find you get zero interview offers. Gee, wonder why? But to get more to the point: you sir, are the simplest of all TOOLS, you are now a.k.a. "Wedge". Wedge, you cannot possibly fathom the intentions of those aviators who want to return to AD. Frankly, I applaud their patriotism, something you summarily trash. If I didn't know better, I'd say you wanted to get out when many others did, but your UPT committment kept you in. Or it could simply be because of the Frontal Labotomy you had (I can still see the scars). To the webmaster, I apologize if this response crosses the line of professionalism, but Maj Mason's post is similarly unprofessional, no it's garbage! To all who are going back in, perhaps I will see you there. And yes, WE will have to deal with Pudknockers like Maj "Wedge" Mason. Signed, 14 yr. AF Vet, A-10A + F-15E, Desert Storm.

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